Sunday, November 9, 2014

NSK Eskisehir - Usak Sportif

In today's opening game, Ronesans Ted Kolejliler is set to host NSK Eskisehir Basket in capital city of Turkey, Ankara. After having relocated from Edirne to Eskisehir, the visiting side had a terrible start to the season. Losing 3 games in a row, they replaced their head coach Bayramoglu with their former trainer Cem Akdag. In fact, this change of duty grew the fruits immediately as the club achieved their first victory of the season against  IBB last week.

Home side Ronesans Ted Kolejliler visited Banvit last week. In an exciting match up, they managed to play head to head until the final quarter but couldn't avoid a loss on the road. It was 74-67 on behalf of Banvit victory at the end. Ronesans Ted Kolejliler still performed comparable to their roster quality. It was just a matter of a couple of bad decisions that splitted the winning side from the losing one.

Today teams of two similar characteristics meet each other. Both head coaches believe in transition style of playing basketball, so we are likely to see a lot of scoring today. Home side Ronesans Ted Kolejliler doesn't hesitate a second to take 3 pts shoots whenever possible especially from their backcourt whereas NSK Eskisehir has an amazing power forward with a great range, Craig Brackins. He could be the key player if NSK Eskisehir was to win the game today.

Those who follow me regularly knows that I rather avoid taking U/O bets especially when there are decent spreads available. With the momentum, NSK Eskisehir gained through head coach change, i don't think it'll be an easy, piece of cake victory for Ronesans Ted Kolejliler. The spread given on behalf of NSK Eskisehir is something we may not be finding so easily in the upcoming weeks. The game total is also close to exceeding the decided limit.

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