Sunday, November 2, 2014

Lietuvos Rytas - Banvit BK

The quality and difficulty of TBl is rapidly increasing each game day and today is of no exception. There are plenty of games to be bet on; however, most of the revealed spreads look suspicious to me. There is a reason why i choose to write about this game.

Ronesans Ted is an established team which proved their quality and consistency in the past a few years. The home side Banvit is fighting in 2 different competitions so they are literally a lot busier. A few days ago, they hosted Romanian side Asesoft in Bandirma where they managed to achieve a victory. However, it took a bit of effort to break the visiting Asesoft until Banvit took the absolute control of the game. In less than 3 days after, they'll face Ronesans Ted Kolejliler this evening.

Ronesans Ted Kolejliler, thanks to their suitable fixture, began the season well, clinching 2 victories out of 3 games played. It's absolutelly not a bad start for them. Obviously, they aim to continue with such a decen streak, so they won't surrender easily againt stronger Banvit.

Both teams have decent players both in the backcourt and frontcourt. Visiting Ted will try to stop Veremeenko & Dragicevic duo with Alade Aminu & Samardziski froncourt. Samardziski is a player with great size and he can easily contain either of those Banvit players. Alade Aminu is a lot more athletic than any of them. So, I don't expect Ted Kolejliler to have any trouble under the rim.

This year, Banvit's focus is a bit shifted from domestic league towards Eurocup, so rotation of young players could be expected today. Safak Edge, Tolga Gecim and Maxim Mutaf have so far received decent playing time and I think this trend could continue today.

Under the light of these circumstances, the given spread is ridiculous to me.

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Good luck and happy betting!


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