Saturday, November 1, 2014

Galatasaray - Torku Konya Selcuk Universitesi

Galatasaray Liv hospital is visiting Torku Konya in a crucial match up tonight. Both teams have suffered one loss each in Belgrade and Pireaus respectivelly. This is the second consecutive game Galatasaray is going to face a Spanish opponent this year.

Prior to the match up, both teams experienced some important occurrences. Galatasaray Liv Hospital team is being speculated to have players not attended to practices, mainly Zoran Erceg, because of the delayed pay checks. It's still unknown whether or not their delayed salaries are paid, even though according to what their GM tweeted, the salaries were to be paid until the end of this week. Laboral Kutxa, on the other hand, lost some of their players as they used their Nba Out clauses. Ryan Gomes and Orlando Johnson left the team.

Prior to this match up, home side Laboral Kutxa signed Sascha Vujacic to replace especially Orlando Johnson. In the visitors, Martynas Pocius is said to be out this game due to medical problems. Ender Arslan and Kerem Gonlum are injured too, but they'll be part of the rotation. Vougikas is said to have been poisoned;however, he's also declared to be part of the rotation. So, it's difficult to estimate how one of them could perform, if any, tonight.

So far, two Turkish teams lost the games this week and I expect visiting Galatasaray to have hard time as well. Laboral might not be as strong as it was but still they are a team capable of handling such games. Colton Iverson and Doron Perkins are two guys who played against Galatasaray Liv Hospital last season in TBL. Especially Doron Perkins was quite successfull in stopping Carlos Arroyo. They'll be key names for home side tonight.

Given the availability of low spread, the potential financial issues of Galatasaray and Laboral's home court advantage, I think it's worth to try home side victory with covering the spread.

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