Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Usak Sportif - Darussafaka Dogus

This is one of the low profile games of TBL Saturday schedule. Ted Kolejliler, after 2 successfull seasons, began 2014-2015 season with a head coach change. Last year's assistand is assigned to be in charge of the team this year. Usak Sportif underwent a similar operation. Ozan Bulkaz, in a surprising decision, stepped down from his duties and nominated his assistant to take his position. This is something you don't see very often in Turkey.

In spite of being one of the most exciting teams of last season, Usak Sportif has been struggling heavily. They lost the first game against strong Galatasaray Medical Park and last weekend at home they couldn't defeat Istanbul Bsb. either. There is certainly some things not going well in the team even though they still keep their core of Chris Warren, Justin Carter, Miha Zupan and Orhan Haciyeva from last season. They also added promising big man Sertac Sanli from Royal Hali. Still, they haven't managed to achieve a victory yet.

Ted Kolej followed a similar strategy. They lost some of their important players, but they are replaced with the guys who have previous TBL experience. Marques Green, Abdul Wahab Aminu and Predrag Samardziski are all names who have previously been on the court within TBL. Vanja Plisnic and Clay Tucker are still in the team and they collected the fruits of this familiarity by defeating Istanbul Bsb. in the opening game.

Honestly, I still couldn't figure out what Usak Sportif does this season. After the headcoach change, they just couldn't regain the chemistry. Ted Kolej might not be as strong as they were in the past couple of seasons;however, they are still in shape to be able defeat Usak Sportif. Given the current chaos the visiting side experiencing, I see a clear Ted Kolej Victory here.

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