Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Besiktas Integral Forex - Trabzonspor Medical Park -

In today's closure game, Trabzonspor Medical Park is going to host Fenerbahce Ulker tonight. Those teams could easily be regarded as rivals especially in the football;therefore, it will be a tough game for both sides.Fenerbahce Ulker is coming to Trabzon with 1/1 record, whereas Trabzonspor Medical Park is yet to achieve their first victory of the season.

It's been quite a big disappointment after so much money invested and many remarkable signings realized for Trabzonspor Medical Park. The team brough in important names such as Nikola Velickovic and Gani Lawal but team's performance neither in preliminary cup round nor in the first 2 match days of the season is satisfactory for fans. Fenerbahce Ulker as it's been every off season, underwent the most spectacular off season by the biggest signings available, yet they still couldn't escape from Royal Hali last week. Although they are 2/0 in Euroleague now, Zeljko Obradovic's performance is still critized.

In terms of side betting, this is a quite a difficult match up. Fenerbahce Ulker has a depth rotation in shooting guard and forward positions, but they are limited in point guard spot. Despite the existence of Rickie Hickmann, they don't get a true point guard contribution which he is actually not. Trabzonspor is a team which has no problem in scoring. So, is Fenerbahce Ulker. Names such as Jerome Randle, Nikola Velickovic, Jan Vesely, Andy Goudelock, Bogdan Bogdanovic are all capable of carrying their teams forward scoringwise.

Trabzonspor Medical Park side could easily motivate for such big games, so I expect a lot better performance than usual from them. ( Just like they were concentrated against Anadolu Efes last weekend ) Fenerbahce Ulker is the favourite side here, so they are likely to dominate. However, I don't expect home side Trabzon to get trailed so easily. A head to head game until final quarter is very likely to happen.

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