Thursday, October 30, 2014

Anadolu Efes - Pinar Karsiyaka

The final game of 3rd matchday in 2014-2015 season is scheduled between Anadolu Efes and Pinar Karsiyaka. Visiting Anadolu Efes who defeated Dinamo Sassari last friday night on the road is set to be hosted by Pinar Karsiyaka tonight.

Tofas was one of the most spectacular teams of last season, especially with their home game performances against big names of the league. However, this season there were significant changes in their coaching staff as well as in their team chemistry. As usual, investing on the youngsters and helping them to improve has been taken up as a mission once again. Surprisingly though, their head coach Ahmet Caki left the team during the offseason. Given their above mentioned mission, he was replaced by Erhan Toker who achieved the gold medal with Turkish U20 team last summer.

Chinemelo Elonu who was one of the key's of Tofas' last season performance is retained in the team. The front court is strengthened by Andre Smith who played for Pinar Karsiyaka before. Other remarkable signings are guards Dashuan Wood and Tayfun Erülkü as well as Lamar Patterson. There are bunch of other young players who are either promoted from the youth team or are signed from other teams once Toker took in charge.

Anadolu Efes brought in quite a familiar head coach for everyone, Legendary name Dusan Ivkovic. Obviously with the financial resources at hand, they establisted the best rotation possible. At some positions, the team is criticized to be a bit weak such as guard rotation; however, there is an explanation behind. Likewise Tofas, they also aim to invest in their promising names mainly U20 Championship MVP Cedi Osman and U18 promising talent Furkan Korkmaz who shot %67 behind the arc in U18 tournament during the offseason. Other foreign signings don't need to be named at all, the are known by everyone.

Tofas' former head coach Ahmet Caki joined Anadolu Efes' coaching staff as Ivkovic's assistant, so there is no way anyone can know about Tofas team better than Caki does. This season is taken as a transition one by Tofas, so I don't think they'll have high expectations against such big teams like Anadolu Efes. Tofas team will hope nothing but to gain some experience this year so there shouldn't be any surprising happening. Clear Anadolu Efes victory is highly probable outcome.

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