Saturday, November 2, 2013

Recap of the last 3 days ( 31/10/2013-01/11/2013-02/11/2013)

Exactly 3 days ago, Ofeek Basketball Premium PAID section ended its first ever month since it switched its service from publicly free to PAID premium. By paying as low as 99 € / a month, the subscribers enjoyed great profits which were explained in the below post.

November 2013 also began extremely well. So far, 5 picks were released. The results are 4 wins and 1 void pick. Pay attention here as 2 of those 3 picks were ML choices with odds over 2.0 . A few people figured out the value in investing those packages and greatly benefited from them.

You can download Brose Baskets - Anadolu Efes here.  ( It was only 6.0 € for this analysis during the game day )

Today's 3 previews package is available for a snapshot here. ( This was a value pack which was available for as low as 10.0 € )

Considering the odds, both packages offered great value to the regular subscribers as well as to the customers.

There is no need to pay such amounts as by becoming a PAID subscribers, one can have access to per pick in a lot lower rates.

So what are you waiting for ? Join Now !!!

Good luck and happy betting!!!