Saturday, October 19, 2013

Recap of Saturday, October, 19th 2013

Today was in arguably the best betting day since Ofeek Basketball started operating as a PAID premium service. 4 different picks presented in 2 different games hit correctly, bringing us the biggest yield of the month so far. The previews regarding those picks were also available by pay per pick basis during the day. Since the games are already played, you can check them out here, here2.

Total of 38 units were staked in 4 different choices. The return is exactly 75 units. The monthly yield rises from %2 to %12 in just one day. You can take a look at the exact stats of October by the graph on the right hand side of the page.

The latest member of PAID service joined just 3 days ago and I'm sure he must be feeling very content at the moment as he caught  the best day of the service right after he joined :)

There are still plenty of places available, so you could be one of the privileged class taking advantage of the service.

Good luck and happy betting!!!