Friday, October 4, 2013

04/10/13 Recap (Turkish Cup Mersin and Usak groups )

After an unlucky yesterday, I was pretty sure that our record would have recovered today. In fact, I never thought what I staked was totally wrong last night but rather they were just not fortunate enough moves. If the live pick with the odds of @7.0 had hit with the clutch shot of Sammy Meija, we'd have been in a lot larger profit right now. It was just not our day.

Today, new two groups went underway and we backed 3 picks in 3 different games. Turk Telekom finally achieved a victory by defeating Mersin, Besiktas prevailed as I presumed and finally Usak Sportif started well by beating Aliaga Petkim in double figures.

Our daily record is perfect 3/0 with 24 units staked. The total daily return is 21.5 units. You can check those stats in Ofeek Basketball's blogabet account from the right hand side of the page.

Tomorrow's schedule;

Usak - Besiktas
Anadolu Efes - Turk Telekom
Mersin - Ted
Galatasaray - Aliaga Petkim

Good luck and happy betting!!!

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