Thursday, October 3, 2013

03/10/13 Recap ( Telenet Oostend - Banvit Bandirma )

Today, it was the last day of the group stage of TBL Group C. Tofas - Torku Selcuk game seemed unstable, so i decided to skip it. With Tofas victory, Fenerbahce Ulker - Olin Edirne game turned out to be no more than a consolidation match up. So, it wasn't worth to bet either. I rather followed them instead.

The stakes, instead, were in Oostende - Banvit game and We pretty much gave away what we won yesterday. After the initial bet, I decided to risk some more in live betting option and in fact it turned out to be pretty close to a winner. The bet I took in a timeout with the odds of @7.0 became priceless when Banvit cut the lead to 2 point game after two consecutive 3 pointers. However, they didn't finalize the game, so such potentially good pick also lost.

By this result, Banvit will play in Fiba Eurocup instead.

Tomorrow, there are games in two different groups instead of one. Hopefully, we'll ascend to green yields again.

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