Wednesday, October 2, 2013

02/10/2013 TBL Cup 2nd day recap

We've just completed the second day in Group C of TBL Cup preliminary round. Since the spread was quite high and I wasn't sure about the motivation of Fenerbahce Ulker squad, I skipped betting on that game. Instead, I went for a game total in Tofas - Olin Edirne match up. ( Game totals are kind of bets I rather prefer to avoid, but this one was just too appealing )

I also bet on Banvit's Euroleague qualification as it was the match up I've been waiting for weeks. (2 page preview with all the required details were presented as pay per pick basis.) The bet I took was allowed to stake up to 3000€ today. So, 3 people who invested a small amount of money for this extensive analysis profited greatly.

Our daily record is perfect 3/0 with 28 units staked. The total daily return is 24.8 units. You can check those stats in Ofeek Basketball's blogabet account from the right hand side of the page.

Tomorrow's schedule;

Olin Edirne - Fenerbahce Ulker
Tofas         - Torku Selcuk

Good luck and happy betting!!!

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