Saturday, September 7, 2013

Turkey - Greece ( Eurobasket 2013 )

turkey greece eurobasket 2013 picks and predictions
It's nothing more than a consolidation game for Turkey. Greece is one of the biggest favourites of this tournament and so far they've proved that. Russia in the last match up struggled a lot, but still couldn't manage to avoid the defeat. Greece is a complete team even though they are short of superstar point guard Vasilis Spanoulis. Regarding Turkey, there is not much to say. They are set to conclude the tournament and go home.

In fact, such a delusion by Turkey wasn't a surprise at all. The team clinched the ticket to Eurobasket 2013 in the final match of last year's qualification rounds. 2 years ago, in the previous tournament, it was Great Britain particularly Luol Deng's superhuman efforts, who defeated Poland by almost entirely himself and made Turkey qualify to the second round with average clause. Therefore, most of Turkish fans aren't sad but hopeful that finally Bogdan Tanjevic perhaps could keep his hands off this nation's basketball team.

There is no need to write a lot of stuff. Bogdan Tanjevic doesn't have a wizard stick, so he can't just improve the things overnight. No matter how competitive especially for this tournament Greece is, Turkey has been the biggest enemy to Greece in historical sense, so I'm pretty sure they would do anything to crush Turkey as hard as they could even if they didn't win anything special in return. Spanoulis' injury is a gift i think because it makes the bookies lower the spread a few points further. It's a clear Greece victory here with a double digit margin. The odds are just great.

Pick : Greece Full Time -7.5 @ 2.11 pinnaclesports

Good luck and happy betting!!!

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