Friday, September 20, 2013

Spain - France ( Eurobasket 2013 )

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Yesterday, Italy faced strong Lithuania in the last match up of quarter finals. Lithuania as expected dominated Italy almost entire game, out rebounded them as anticipated most of the time and made their way to the semi finals by achieving a victory. The spread betting was clearly altered by unnecessary 3 pts shot of Marco Belinelli at the last 3 seconds, so our pick unfortunately lost. However, this doesn't change the fact that our analysis of the game was heavily accurate independent of this unnecessary effort of Belinelli.

Today, It's going to be even tougher match up. Two teams with a lot of players of NBA caliber will face each other. France by the leadership of Tony Parker along with other supporting pieces such as Nicole Batum, Boris Diaw, Mike Gelabale etc. came that far. Spain is the biggest favorite of the tournament and they confirmed the fact by heavily trailing impressive Serbia just two days ago. It's likely to be a pity for either side which loses tonight's game.

Tony Parker carried France almost the entire game against hosting Slovenia two days ago. More than two third of the game, he took the scoring responsibility to challenge Slovenian scoring mainly executed by Nachbar, Dragic brothers etc. In the second half, Boris Diaw and Nicole Batum ( especially in the defensive end ) stepped up and helped Parker. That's how France managed to finalize the game against energetic Slovenian rotation. Spain similarly dominated Serbia with their biggest talent of NBA caliber Marc Gasol. The duo of Rodrigues and Fernandez from Real Madrid achieved a decent chemistry in the back court, scoring almost half of what Spain scored.

Both teams had a chance to rest a day after F8 games. Especially Tony Parker needed it a lot. Excluding Diot, who only played 6 minutes in tactical formations, France challenged Slovenia with only 8 guys involved. Certainly, they are the most athletic team overall, but they don't have the widest rotation available. Spain, particularly in the back court, has a lot of alternatives with NBA experience. So, they should be able to slow down Tony Parker up to some degree. Diaw and Ajinca in the paint won't have any easier match up either.

I think Spain found the required rhythm with the victory against Serbia. Tony Parker isn't able to carry France any further. Taking advantage of the wide rotation, he's destined to be heavily guarded. Juan Orenga must have learned the key point of adjusting his rotation for the success, I assume he'll utilize it properly today.

Pick:  Spain Full Time -5.0 @ 1.93 pinnaclesports

Good luck and happy betting!!!

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