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Serbia - Spain ( Eurobasket 2013 )

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With the new competition format of Eurobasket tournament, teams completed a heavy schedule of the games in two separate rounds. Finally, we came to the point where there are only big clashes to be watched. The quarter finals of Eurobasket 2013 Slovenia starts with a match up between Serbia and Spain. Serbia which arrived to Slovenia without many of their regular players managed to keep up with their young core very well. Spain, on the other hand, suffered a lot despite being one of the biggest favorites of this tournament already for years. In fact, if Croatia's victory hadn't happened, Spain would have been eliminated from the tournament.

Both teams performed in quite an inconsistent way up to here. Serbia suffered surprising defeats particularly against Ukraine and Montenegro. Spain, too, lost all of their tough match ups such as Slovenia, Italy and Greece. The losses of Serbia could be accounted for the lack of experience and habit of their rotation;however, Spain doesn't have any luxury to come up with such excuses. In fact, I have a pretty good observation why Spain sweated many times so far, but we'll come to that later. All in all, they'll face each other in a game where no excuses are allowed. It's a beat it or deal it game for either side.

As we already stated, Serbia came with many major pieces missing. Especially for power forward position, they left home names such as Zoran Erceg, Milan Macvan, Dusko Savanovic etc, all of which play for Turkish teams. The absence of Milos Teodosic was also a big point of discussion until very final days before the tournament began. The team was shaped around veteran Nenad Krstic who is a player with great experience and leadership. So far, this awkward looking Serbian rotation under the coaching of Dusan Ivkovic passed all the tests.

Spain didn't bring some of their important names such as Serge Ibaka and Pau Gasol either. Nevertheless, Spanish  rotation is still so deep that head coach Juan Orenga has a lot of trouble distributing the minutes and allocating the roles among the players. Marc Gasol, DPOY 2013 in NBA, is an absolute beast inside the area. So far, he was so unstoppable that some Spanish journalists were said to have compared him with Arvydas Sabonis. ( I read a few funny twitter comments about it but i can't find them again right now :) ) It's okey that Marc Gasol dominating the paint but here is what I think the problem with Spain is. Their back court rotation is so deep that whoever Juan Orenga benches during the game, he could be criticized.  Both Rudy Fernandez and Sergio Rodrigues had fantastic season with Real Madrid. He has Ricky Rubio from Timberwolves, Jose Calderon from Pistons ( from Dallas in 2013-2014 season ) and another Real Madrid player Sergio Llull is present as well. So, who should he bench and who should he keep on the court ? Regardless of his decisions, someone is inevitably unhappy to be outside of the game.

I think that's the main reason why Spain suffered most of those defeats. To keep everyone happy, he does his best to distribute the playing time, but such an attitude destroys the rhythm of Spanish team in many cases. I've witnessed many times that such rotational changes cost Spain not to sustain the lead throughout the tournament. I think Juan Orenga has to tighten his rotation a bit for the sake of team's success. He could either trust to his guys coming from NBA or keep guys of Real Madrid together on the court to take advantage of highest accordance possible. One way or another, some of them have to sit on the bench occasionally. I'm pretty sure Juan Orenga is aware of this situation, too.

I truly respect for Nenan Krstic but he'll have his toughest match up against Marc Gasol. His efficiency is likely to decrease considerably. Spain also has players who are expert in perimeter defense. At this point, I expect experience to trophy over young names of Serbia team. They shouldn't make any mistake or underestimate Serbia at any time.

Pick: Spain Full Time -6.0 @ 1.90 pinnaclesports

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  1. The game took place just the way I expected. Nenad Krstic was absolutely slowed down, while the duo of Real Madrid guys Rodrigues & Fernandez dominated the court. Juan Orenga must have read those pages too :) :) :) :) :) :)


    what a great analysis ;-)

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