Saturday, September 7, 2013

September, 7th 2013 Eurobasket Slovenia other choices

Spain - Czech Republic

Spain suffered their first defeat of the tournament against hosting Slovenia. Every team could be beaten, but Slovenia achieved a decisive victory against them. Today, they face to Czech Republic which won its last game. The victory Czech Republic achieved against Poland might provide extra motivation for them. Today, their opponent is wounded Spain which is a lot tougher team. We have already seen many times how much resistance underdogs could put in such a tournament. I think that today's spread is really high. I believe that the chances Czech Republic could prevail within the spread should be tried.

Pick : Czech Republic +17.5 @ 1.85 pinnaclesports

Georgia - Slovenia

It's definitely a tough game bettingwise. Hosting Slovenia has 2/0 perfect record so far but the competition in group C is high. 4 teams follow them with 1/1 record. Georgia, despite the rotation lacking their NBA players showed how dangerous they are. They did have a tight rotation disadvantage but they are one day rested now. I'm sure they will do anything to qualify through this group. Today's spread is 8 points against Slovenia. Neither I trust Georgia enough to sustain it nor I'm confident home side Slovenia could crash them completely. Therefore, it's a no bet game for me. ( I don't consider 1.30 ML odds as an option )

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