Thursday, September 5, 2013

September, 5th 2013 Eurobasket Slovenia other choices

Montenegro - Latvia

It's a no bet game in my opinion. Montenegro watched Macedonia taking the lead in the entire game and they won the match with a controversial position at the end. Latvia defeated Bosnia and Herzegovina in a somewhat surprising fashion. Therefore, this is a difficult match up to estimate. Better to stay out.

Poland - Czech Republic

Pretty much the same thing as above. Poland is underachieving and Czechs showed some decent resistance against hosting Slovenia. The straightforward thinking says "Poland has to win" but Czech Republic isn't an opponent to underestimate. Another no bet for me. ( Anyone could go for Poland ML, but as i declared earlier, I hate ML bets, so i skip them )

Germany - Belgium

Another tough game between two fighting teams. Belgium didn't surprise me at all, but Germany did. Well, we all know how competent Germans could be in any tournament regardless of the sports in subject, but still I don't think anyone thought they would defeat France. Germany is the favorite side here but Belgium at some point will definitely make a noise. Another no bet, unless ML option is considered.

Good luck and happy betting!!!

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