Monday, September 16, 2013

September, 16th 2013 Eurobasket Slovenia last games

This is the last day of the regular season of the competition. Yesterday, the qualifying teams in Group F were decided. Latvia has been certainly the biggest disappointment among others. They defeated Ukraine with 30+ margin; however, Ukraine managed to qualify above them. Belgium who didn't have any victory in the second phase of this tournament beat Latvia and ended the competition with a victory. Those teams which announced their qualification to the quarter finals will get to know their next opponents. In fact this is the tricky part of today's betting choices.

Latvia's loss wasn't the only surprise of last night. France also suffered a defeat which entirely changed the outlook of Group F. Honestly, I expected Lithuania to finish the group on top, waiting to match up with the 4th team of  Group E. However, it didn't take place that way and Serbia managed to defeat Lithuania and ended the group on top. This will not make quite a much difference because all the teams coming from the other pot are tough. There isn't any single opponent which teams prefer to match up rather than the others. Therefore, neither Lithuania nor Serbia won or lost anything by finishing the group at the 1st place.

This is where the tricky part is. Team in Group E, especially those which are destined to finish in either 3rd or in 4th spot could well ask themselves "whether I should be playing against Lithuania or I rather should face Serbia, instead of Lithuania ?" . It's purely a technical decision based on the preferences of coaching staffs because both Serbia and Lithuania have different characteristics and we don't know what is in minds of Pianigiani and Orenga. One thing is sure though. Greece has to defeat Croatia and has to wait for Italy to defeat Spain to qualify. Croatia could face France or Lithuania and we don't know which one Jasmin Repesa prefers to challenge. In case Croatia defeats Greece, Spain - Italy match up becomes completely unknown as Greece is totally eliminated.

Under such circumstances, I think betting is highly risky for today, at least for the moment. If Greece wins, Spain has to win, so Spain could be backed. Consequently, It's a no bet day until then.

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