Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Italy - Turkey ( Eurobasket 2013 )

italy turkey eurobasket 2013 prediction
As I wrote in the first paragraph of the preview of Finland match up, Turkish National Team doesn't satisfy anyone except Basketball Federation. It may sound funny but that's exactly what the situation is in Turkish Basketball. Bogdan Tanjevic has been criticized for years, but surprisingly he has been reassigned over and over again. One way or another, one of the most promising generations of Turkish Basketball is about to be wasted. Turkey lost against Finland and it isn't the right time at all to face Italy. What a fixture disadvantage it is.

Well, losing against Finland has absolutely no excuse. ( By the way, this page receives serious traffic from Finland, too. So, by this occasion, I would like to congratulate those Finnish followers as it was well deserved Finnish victory ) Finland might have been weaker on the paper, but the games are won on the court, not on the fantasy basketball line up. So, Turkey deserved to lose miserably as they didn't put anything positive especially at the offensive end of the game. Bogdan Tanjevic is an old fashioned trainer. I think he is stuck in 90's when he collected title's with some Italian teams. Today's dynamics in basketball is a lot different and he just can't keep up with them. However, the bigger problem in my opinion, is his obvious lack of authority over his players. No matter how hard he tried to alter things by his old fashioned approach, he didn't seem to be minded a lot. Such a negative view has the biggest effect on my view for shaping the rest of the tournament for Turkey.

Coincidentally,  Bogdan Tanjevic is set to face another trainer who has recently been a part of huge discussions in Turkish Basketball community. Simone Pianigiani who was handed in one of the most expensive rotations of Turkish Basketball history performed as Euroleague's worst team as Fenerbahce head coach and last winter, he had to part ways with the team. ( Well, he was declared to have resigned from his duty, but i'm pretty sure he was rather forced to leave rather than willingly resigned. ) So, it's going to be an interesting match up for him, too as he might be feeling a need to prove some things to Turks.

It's impossible to talk about anything technical regarding Turkey's rotation. The team has one of the best centers available, Omer Asik, but he's rarely utilized. ( yesterday, he did his first field goal attempt at the final quarter of the game!!! ) Other positions, especially the guards, heavily underachieve too. Italy, on the other hand, played smoothly by the leadership of new Pistons player Gigi Datome. Marco Cusin is just another guy who I personally like inside the area. Marco Belinelli when compared to Hedo Turkoglu and Ersan Ilyasova played like a real NBA player against Russia. In short, Italy seemed to have a lot better chemistry, if Turkey had any.

The spread for this game is marvelous. Well, we do know very well that bookies rely on statistics not on logic and feelings, but still it's such a spread that is definitely one to take "the sooner, the better" one. I'm pretty sure that Italy head coach Simone Pianigiani has something to say after having spent the worst year of his entire career in Turkey. ( If I were him, I would definitely feel that way )  An Italy victory is quite probable here as I see the qualification of chances of Turkey to be heavily dependent on their match up against Russia, not against Italy. Those who follow this page regularly, knows that I hate ML bets and I rather prefer to be on the safe side. Therefore, let's take advantage of the decent spread as well.

One quick remark; If I'm not wrong, Turkey has never beaten Italy before neither in official nor in exhibition games.

Pick : Italy Full Time +5.5 @ 1.87 pinnaclesports

Proof of odds is found here

Good luck and happy betting!!!

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  1. you are right, Turkey has never beaten Italy for the last 55 years in any official games.They were so close last year but lost in the final minutes of the game...