Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Finland - Croatia ( Eurobasket 2013 )

finland croatia eurobasket 2013 pick tip and prediction
The fairy tale continues. After surprisingly hitting Greece in the final match day of the first round, Finland not only qualified to the second stage, but also carried an extremely valuable victory with them to Group F. Their performance so far well exceeded the expectations from them and I'm sure they have no intention of being satisfied yet. The first opponent in group F is Croatia which is a lately accelerated team. Due to the similar characteristics of both sides, it's certainly a game to watch closely.

Finland moved through the first stage, but couldn't probably enjoy celebrations as they lost their experienced center Hanno Möttöla. by his loss their rotation is certainly weakened in the paint in spite of he didn't receive significant minutes due to his age. Croatia might not be the opponent he would have come handy if hadn't injured. Croatian team, on the other hand, has enough depth in their front court with Ante Tomic, Luka Zoric and Luksa Andric at Jasmin Repesa's disposal.

Croatia kind of warmed up late as they lost their first game at the previous round and hardly won the second one in the final minutes. However, they did take advantage of relatively weaker group and collected 4 victories out of possible 5 at the end. Through this schedule, Bojan Bogdanovic outside the area and Ante Tomic inside the paint led the way by averaging 17 and 8 points respectively. Finland, in contrast, had to face considerably more talented rotations where they managed to defeat Europe's big names such as Turkey ?, Greece and Russia. The only loss they suffered was against Italy which could be attributed their terrible shooting performance as a team. Petteri Koponen and Tuukka Kotti were who led the way for them.

As I wrote in the first paragraph, I find those two teams quite similar to each other. For both of them, most of the scoring production is based on perimeter shooting while they refer to pick and roll offense in case they can't find proper shooting rhythm. Möttöla's injury is a serious loss for Finland; however, I don't think anyone else except Ante Tomic in Croatia could create a lot of trouble for them. Luka Zoric usually finds himself in foul trouble easily whereas Luksa Andric is barely utilized. Therefore the remainder of Finnish rotation should be able to compete adequately. The average team rebounding figures are also quite even, so it's crucial to pay attention to grab the boards to create competitive advantage.

Although Croatia is way better now than it was at the beginning of the tournament, i'm still not impressed by their current form level. So far, this tournament proved countless times that the more a team hassles, the more positive results they achieve. Excluding Greece, Spain and perhaps Lithuania, Finland could have the best rotation where the roles are well defined among the players. Regardless of the score of any game, they never give up playing as a team. In such circumstances, I find it proper to take the spread on behalf of them. In group F, 4 teams have the same amount of victories, so every single point counts for any of them.

Pick: Finland Full Time +5.5 @ 1.84 pinnaclesports

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