Monday, September 9, 2013

Eurobasket 2013 Slovenia, Evaluation of 1st round

Dear Ofeek Basketball readers,

Today, I was busy the entire day, so i had to skip the last match day of 1st round of Eurobasket 2013 Slovenia. Honestly, I didn't have time even to check the schedule not to mention to check the lines and the odds. However, I feel kind of relieved when i look at some surprising results which took place today. Finnish fairy tale continues as they defeated also Greece whereas Swedes lost against Italy despite the efforts to keep the game head to head.

All in all, there are certain points I observed during this week. The decision to increase the number of the teams from 16 to 24 sucks totally. It not only brings unbearably busy schedule teams have to keep up with but also allows some totally inconsistent teams to participate. One may argue that it's not fair to complain about weaker teams to participate especially when they are in fact the favorites deluding everyone. What I mean is the unacceptable behavior of some teams either choosing games to pay attention or ignoring them totally. For instance, a few days ago, Czech Republic, knowing the strength of Spain, gave up totally without even fighting in order to rest and they played as aggressive as a title contending team right the day after. It was an absolutely intended strategy which hurts us, gamblers, betting wise. I also think that Russia's defeat against Sweden is an absolute scam as some people might have possibly made enormous bucks with odds of +10.0. In any case, I'm pretty happy that this unnecessary stage is over.

After a day of a break, we'll continue with the picks regarding the next round. Hopefully, it'll be more profitable than before.

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