Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Olin Edirne 2013 - 2014 preview

Olin Edirne 2013 2014 preview
Olin Edirne has already been in the league for a few years and it's safe to say that Edirne community is one of the most experienced ones within Turkish Basketball. Nevertheless, the team is set to begin to the season with a serious change involved, head coaching. Gokhan Tastimur who led the team since their promotion to TBL resigned from his duty this off season and he was replaced by former Royal Hali Gaziantep head coach Cem Akdag. Those two guys have completely different coaching styles, so a lot of changes are awaiting to be observed in 2013 - 2014 season. Another issue was related to team's potential relocation due to a change of ownership. Turkish Dogus Group was heavily linked with the purchase of Edirne Basketball whose sponsorship expired with Olin last June. So, the fans living in Edirne city didn't know whether or not they would retain the privilege to watch the team in their city as the localization was on the table through the purchase. All in all, such purchase never took place and Edirne Basketball team remained in Edirne with the continuing sponsorship of Olin. The team will try to outperform last year's record where they strongly felt the fear of relegation until very last weeks.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Medical Park Trabzonspor 2013 - 2014 preview

medical park trabzonspor 2013 2014 preview
This season's new team Medical Park Trabzonspor managed to establish a challenging rotation once we have about 5 weeks left before the official games of the upcoming season. Trabzonspor as a club is one of the biggest players of Turkish football and after some years, their basketball branch made it to Turkish highest division again. During the off season, the club made some smart moves to firmly establish themselves as one of the most competitive teams of 2013 - 2014 season. All those investments are naturally depended on the sponsors and Trabzonspor hit the strike by agreeing with a decent sponsor for this season. Medical Park hospitals group who keeps supporting last year's champion Galatasaray switched their brand to Trabzonspor for this season, thus replacing Galatasaray's name with another brand of their group. The amount of money given away at Trabzonspor's disposal is huge, so Trabzonspor club had everything they need to act in spite of they were kind of late in the beginning of the summer.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

TED Kolejliler 2013-2014 preview

Ted Kolejliler 2013 2014 preview
Ted Kolejliler was undoubtedly one of the most exciting teams of the previous season. They not only played a basketball of consistent quality but also achieved some remarkable results throughout the course of the season. Despite the lack of spectators support, their head coach Ercument Sunter managed to establish a rotation of well balanced players both domestic and international.  Ted Kolejliler team received solid contribution mostly from their foreign players;however, the efforts of domestic guys weren't to be underestimated either. A combination of those factors enabled them to reach TBL play offs where they obtained the right to participate in Uleb Eurocup tournament this fall. ( Playing in Eurocup is a decent success as most Turkish Basketball teams reach that level after spending a couple of season participating to Eurochallenge tournament first )

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Anadolu Efes 2013-2014 preview

anadolu efes 2013 2014 preview
Last season's most successful Turkish team in Euroleague, Anadolu Efes, has kept a low profile during the season. This summer, the club management of basketball operations declared that there is supposed to be a significant cut in team's budget for upcoming season;however, such a negative looking news didn't seem to have much effect on head coach Oktay Mahmudi's off season planning strategies. Giant contracts of Jordan Farmar and Sascha Vujacic are replaced by relatively less expensive names such as Zoran Planinic and Kostas Vasiliedis. A few veteran names are also contacted not to have their contracts renewed. Thus, the intended budget cut is organically achieved through such wise moves.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Turk Telekom 2013 - 2014 preview

turk telekom 2013 - 2014 preview
Probably the worst managed team of the league, Turk Telekom, is in arguably the most spectacular team of this off season. Although, They do have serious amount of financial budget each season, Turk Telekom never manages to comply with the expectations given the money invested to the team. Turk Telekom as a team from capital city Ankara is almost always expected to challenge Istanbul giants, but such an expectation has not yet been realized, at least until now. However, things might change in great deal as Turk Telekom team made some unbelievable moves this off season.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tofas 2013-2014 preview

Tofas 2013 2014 preview
Last season't play off contending team Tofas Bursa has been preparing for the new season actively enough. Established on the framework of current assistant trainer of national team Nihat Izic, Tofas firmly set itself as the best destination for the development of young players. In fact, with Ahmet Caki being assigned as head coach, Tofas team has allocated decent playing time for youngsters for the past two seasons. They indeed collected the fruits of this effort as their point guard Kenan Sipahi achieved the MVP of European Under 18 Basketball Championship last month. Given the recent declarations, Tofas club is set to continue this trend by counting on youth force.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Besiktas JK 2013-2014 preview

besiktas basketball 2013 2014 preview
When Besiktas with the sponsor of that time, Milangaz, achieved the unforgettable triplet of trophies, all Besiktas fans were hungry to take this success to the next level in the Euroleague. However, things didn't go as planned. The new president hardly coped with the expectations of the fans. He not only was unable to find a new sponsor, but also was unwilling to allocated some financial resources to keep the rotation together. At the end, Besiktas first lost its head coach Ergin Ataman to Galatasaray, then its star players who followed him. As a consequence, their ever first Euroleague participation was way worse than hoped in spite of the team made it as far as TOP 16 of Euroleague that year.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Royal Hali Gaziantep 2013-2014 preview

Royal Hali Gaziantep 2013 2014 preview
Royal Hali Gaziantep was one of the notable teams of last season. Although they were newly promoted to the league, Royal Hali played some decent basketball from time to time achieving important victories. Without a doubt, their popularity reached to the sky when they signed former Olympiakos center Joey Dorsey during the midseason. Dorsey helped them secure the salvation from the relegation. This is going to be the second straight season in the upmost basketball division of Turkey for Royal Hali and certainly the expectations of their fans are higher.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Banvit BK Bandirma 2013-2014 preview

Banvit itoudis turkish basketball
Last year's finalists Banvit BK has been having an off season with serious significant changes involved. They've known to be a team with decent financial and organizational sustainability, so witnessing such bold moves from their management is somewhat astonishing. Qualification chance to Euroleague for the first time in the club's history is beyond doubt the biggest reason of such courageous actions. Head coach Orhun Ene who has trained the team for long time left his duty at the end of the season and his resignation, surprisingly, was accepted. Everyone who follows this page regularly knows that I'm a hater of Banvit, at least not so fancy about them at all if not a hater, but i must admit that his departure satisfied even me.  He was replaced by Dimitris Itoudis, the first foreign head coach in the club's history.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Aliaga Petkim 2013-2014 preview

aliaga petkim hakan demir
Undoubtedly, the biggest disappointment of last season in Turkish Basketball league was Aliaga Petkim. Just a year before, the club exceeded the expectations by making it to the play offs, thus Aliaga Petkim rotation was established in a way to be competitive not only in the domestic league but also in Fiba Eurochallenge Tournament. However, things just didn't go as planned. Aliaga Petkim was eliminated in Eurochallenge cup qualifications and the club began the season with a lot of problems.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Galatasaray Liv Hospital 2013-2014 preview

galatasaray liv hospital 2012 2013 champion 2014 preview
Last season's champion in Turkish Basketball League Galatasaray is one of the most active teams during the off season as well. The club is set to play the upcoming season under the title of new brand. Due to the sponsor's request, the name of the team during 2013-2014 competitions is switched from Galatasaray Medical Park to Galatasaray Liv Hospital. Basically, their agreement is still in effect with the same corporation. ( In fact, Medical Park brand is given to another team which has just promoted to TBL, Trabzonspor. But, that's the story of another post in the following weeks )