Thursday, July 11, 2013

Josip Vrankovic signed with Turk Telekom

Josip Vrankovic Turk Telekom
After a terrible season as usual, Turk Telekom revealed an interesting choice by signing former Crotian National Team head coach Josip Vrankovic to a 2 years deal. Turk Telekom Ankara has a team with a budget arguably way above the league average; however, the club is not properly run by the management. That's the reason why Turk Telekom is usually named one of the most disappointing teams of Turkish Basketball League.

Such a move brought definitely brings a lot of hope for Ankara basketball. The team might undergo a serious transformation from a delusional one to a competitive one. If they could plan the team and spend the money wisely, Turk Telekom has the potential to establish one of the promising teams of this season. In any case, it's a surely an exciting news for the upcoming season.

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