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10 June 2013 Banvit - Galatasaray Medical Park

Banvit - Galatasaray final series 3rd match up
In the 3rd game of TBL final series, Galatasaray Medical Park is coming to Bandirma with 2-0 lead. They've defeated Banvit with remarkable margins in the both of first two games. Banvit has never been a team which I'm fancy about;however, I could safely say i didn't expect them to be trailed that hard either. As I wrote earlier, I didn't watch the first game since I was quite busy following the social events rather than the basketball series but what i heard and what i read clearly make my mind to think that first two games took place exactly in the same way. Visiting Banvit played well enough to prevail on the road during the first halves, but they couldn't avoid being handed in heavy defeats at the end. Now, it's time for the 3rd match up and I believe they are supposed to have something to say  especially when the series come to Bandirma tomorrow.

Banvit hasn't dominated any single game on the road since the beginning of the season. Given such fact exists, I gave credit to the team i watched on friday evening.  Galatasaray Medical Park team took control of the game in the second half and comfortably took the series to 2-0 lead. Prior to the 3rd match up, a few points are questionable on behalf of visiting Galatasaray team. Boniface Ndong whom was injured during the first game took a hit in the second game as well. He only played 4 minutes and scored only 4 points all of which were from FT line. According to the official news, the edema on his back is recurred and he's hoped to be playing tomorrow. Another front court player Milan Macvan hit his head towards the end of first half and went to the locker room for precaution. His status is totally unknown. The absence of both of those guys ( or either of them ) might cause Galatasaray Medical Park to lose their rebounding dominance. Furkan Aldemir put a decent performance of 15 points and 8 rebounds on the absence of Ndong, but i seriously doubt he could repeat it two games in a row. For Banvit, Charles Edward Davis was the only player who prevailed with 16 points contribution.

The spread given for the 3rd game is absolutely tricky. As I wrote above, Banvit is likely to give a reaction tomorrow but whether or not they could finalize it is a huge question mark to me. Even if he does play tomorrow, Ndong may not be so dominant. I believe home side Banvit should take advantage of those injuries and dominate Galatasaray Medical Park inside the area. As we all know, the winning series of Galatasaray is still intact, so it's another motivating factor for Banvit. Players such as Carlos Arroyo, Jamont Gordon and Ersin Dagli received 30+ minutes 2 days ago.  Fatigue could be decisive as well.

Banvit clearly led the scoring against Anadolu Efes in both of semi final games in Bandirma. Since, I don't trust Banvit well enough for full time betting ( I never did ! ) , I think half time spread is a lot better option here.

Banvit Half Time ML @ 2.15

I myself won't be betting my usual stakes in the remainder of the season, that's why I won't keep any statistics during June. So, I suggest you to adjust your stakes accordingly.

Good luck and happy betting!

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