Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Recap of March 2013

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March finally came to an end, and it's now a time to evaluate our performance after a few days of a delay as i've been busy recently.It wasn't the best month of our performance so far, as we clearly struggled to hit a series of the picks especially in the second half of previous month. Considering the fact that Eurochallenge and Eurocup tournaments have come to an end as well as Euroleague teams played some consolidation games, we needed to reduce the amount of picks during March. Total of 32 picks were presented during March 2013.

Of 32 picks presented, total amount of 263 units were staked. Such amount of stake brough us 12.8 ROI which yields %4.8 net profit at the end of the month. As I stated above, it was the worst month so far even though our streak went remarkably well in the first 2 weeks of the month.  As before, Anadolu Efes is the main reason why we lost so much within our profit because their performance declined significantly while we reach towards quarter finals. Besiktas' unexpected victory against Montepaschi Siena which I think hit not only us but also almost everyone, cost us a lot better yield at the end.

Tomorrow, we start to a fresh month with the final week of Euroleague competition's regular season. The weekend games will follow as usual. Let's hope april to be a much better yielding month than ever.

Thanks for your growing interest proven by increasing popularity of the page.

Looking forward to see you here more often than ever in April 2013.

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