Monday, April 29, 2013

Fenerbahce Ulker - Anadolu Efes

Fenerbahce Ulker Anadolu Efes pick
Anadolu Efes is missing some important players. Jordan Farmar is out for a couple of weeks whereas Stanko Barac is done for the rest of the season due to stress fracture. Such fracture is usually caused by unusual or repeated stress. Another reason might be the leg to be affected by heavy weight. In any case, Barac is out of the competition. Sascha Vujacic, on the other hand, is out of the rotation due to his conflict with head coach Oktay Mahmudi. He is a person with serious anger management issues. Those who follow NBA recall that he had a fight even with his countryman Goran Dragic during his NBA career. Obviously such disorder doesn't have a positive effect on professional athletes.

These points seem to be crucial and they in fact are. However, I still think that the spread determined for this match up is ridiculously high. Anadolu Efes team is mentally down as a result of elimination from Euroleague, but they do have enough depth in their rotation to compensate the absence of their injured buddies. I can't think of myself trusting Fenerbahce Ulker to cover today's spread. The bookies, in my opinion are just trying to fish us.

Pick: Anadolu Efes +6.0 @ 1.88
Stake: 10/10

Good luck and happy betting!

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  1. We haven't been fished at all