Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Anadolu Efes - Olympiakos ( 3rd game )

Anadolu Efes Olympiakos pick
Anadolu Efes is going to host Olympiakos in a crucial game such that in case of a loss, istanbul side will be eliminated from the competition already after the 3rd game. In order to extend the series to the next game, it's a must win game for home side. Considerable amount of fan support is expected tonight in Abdi Ipekci Arena.

The second game was a total disappointment for Anadolu Efes. As I wrote in my previous game, my initial expectation was totally the other way around. In fact, I thought Anadolu Efes would probably win the game in Greece, but lose the must one win(tonight's game) afterwards. Anadolu Efes showed surely their worst performance of the season. Their offense was so poor that they even scored worse than Besiktas did in the entire season. A total of 53 points was a total disgrace for a team of such caliber. These are the reason why Anadolu Efes should put a totally difference performance tonight.

Olympiakos Piraeus is, on the other hand, quite comfortable tonight. They are coming to istanbul with 2-0 lead at hand. Even if they do lose both games, the final game will still be held in Greece. Nevertheless, it's foolish to think that they take today's game taken for granted as they certainly aim to finish the series tonight, too.

Last game, Pero Antic provided great scoring off the bench with 11 points. Kyle Hines also scored in double digits only in 18 minutes. Once again, Kerem Gonlum was the only Anadolu Efes player who stood still against rising Olympiakos team. His 13 points, 14 boards double double just wasn't enough for Anadolu Efes to challenge their opponents because noone else managed to score in double digits besides him.

Today, I don't see Anadolu Efes surrendering easily at all. In the first round of this season's Euroleague Adventure, Anadolu Efes achieved the biggest victory of the season against Olympiakos. They are particularly stronger at home, so expecting a home side win today isn't any delusion. The spread isn't so high, so we could try that out as well.

Pick: Anadolu Efes -3.0 @ 1.90
Stake: 8/10

Good luck and happy betting!

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