Wednesday, April 24, 2013

24 April 2013 Turkish Basketball League picks

Today and tomorrow, there are going to be scheduled games for the remainder of the season. There are a few picks which took my attention, so i decided to share them with the readers. In the opening game of the day, Mersin Bsb. is hosting Ted Kolejliler. Besides that match up, Besiktas which gained some momentum after the end of their Euroleague journey is visiting Erdemir.

Mersin Bsb. is a terrible team whose players expect nothing but the end of the season and going on holidays. They lost their last 3 games in a row with a totally disgracing performance. It's impossible to talk about any chemistry whatsoever regarding the team. Their opponent Ted Kolejliler is almost secured their play off spot. Unless some drastic changes happen, they'll enter to the playoffs from the 7th spot, so these are sort of games to be completed, nothing more.

Today's game total is surprisingly  high. A figure of 170+ points isn't something that we could often see in this league. The point is that Mersin has already lost a lot and they are on the edge of relegation zone now. They are likely to show some resistance today to beat TED Kolejliler team. They are a terrible defensive team, so i think we should try this odd looking game total. I believe it's just a trap to mislead gamblers.

Pick: Over 171.0 points @ 1.88
Stake: 8/10

Another nice looking game is between Erdemir and Besiktas. After the end of European duties, Besiktas is focused on the league. It's difficult to say that they are currently  %100 but they will certainly be. Erdemir, after a terrible season overall, fight hard to catch the last spot to name themselves for a playoff contender.

For the past a few matches, Besiktas usually starts to the games very well, but loses rhythm in the second half and ends the first half of the matches with an okey result. They mostly dominated their opponents with great defensive presence in the 3rd quarter of each game.

Under the light of these events, I think the half time spread on behalf of Erdemir is of great value. Erdemir scored 80+ points in each of their last 2 games. Therefore, they aren't piece of cake for early dominance this afternoon.

Pick: Erdemir half time +3.5 @ 1.88
Stake: 8/10

The final pick of the day is the most straightforward one. The spread of Aliaga against Fenerbahce Ulker is just great. There is no way Fenerbahce Ulker could trail Aliaga Petkim by double digit today.

Pick: Aliaga Petkim +10.5 @ 1.88
Stake: 10/10

Good luck and happy betting!

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1 comment:

    Aliaga petkim +10.5 WON
    Erdemir half time +3.5 LOST
    over 171 points WON

    not a bad day, overall