Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ted - Aliaga Petkim

Ted Aliaga Petkim pick
One of the biggest opportunities of saturday schedule lies within this game. Ted Kolejliler is going to host Aliaga Petkim this afternoon in Ankara. Last week, Ted Kolejliler lost in Antalya after a disappointing performance. Today, they'll face another tough opponent with an increasing rythm recently.

Ted Kolejliler is a typical play off team. They have a group of quality guys in spite of a bit tight rotation. They won given amount of matches by relying on the individual quality of their players. Ted is a team with a decent scoring potential because they do have a nice balance of inside and outside play. Their experienced rotation is pretty much capable of doing everything necessary to play proper basketball, so their current position in the standings isn't of a much surprise. Last week, they lost in Antalya. It was one of those performances Antalya Bsb. shot with outstanding efficiency. We should also give credit to their new signing Vladimir Golubovic who made an immediate impact inside the paint.

Aliaga Petkim like Ted also lost its game last week. When visited by Erdemir, Aliaga Petkim couldn't take command of the game at all. Interestingly, Erdemir is a former team of Hakan Demir who is a current Aliaga Petkim head coach. So, he couldn't manage to defeat his former team. It was a loss which I'm sure Aliaga Petkim couldn't expect, so they are likely to put some effort to compensate it today. Last week, Aliaga Petkim waived their point guard Tu Holloway. The decision is reported to have been a technical one rather than a result of any disaggreement.

It's a very even match up and any outcome is possible. Aliaga Petkim has had a decent momentum. I consider their loss against Erdemir a week before to be an accident. Erdemir is just another team which works hard to improve their position in the league, so losing against Erdemir was understandable. I find Ted Kolejliler team a bit aimless. One could claim they better work hard to secure their playoff spot especially after Tofas won three games in a row and emerged as another play off candidate.(They defeated league leader Banvit yesterday!) Same goes for Aliaga Petkim as well. Aliaga Petkim is a team with huge financial investment, too;therefore, they also have eyes to grab a play off spot.

In short, today's spread on behalf of Aliaga Petkim is of great value to me. Even an away victory is a possibility.

Pick: Aliaga Petkim +6.5 @ 1.88
Stake: 8/10

Good luck and happy betting!

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