Friday, March 15, 2013

Royal Hali Gaziantep Bsb. - Tofas Bursa

Royal Hali Gaziantep Tofas pick
This is probably the best game of saturday schedule;however, it's a pity that there isn't any live coverage for this potentially great match up. Both sides achieved remarkable victories in the previous match day which I think should have nominated this game to be rewarded with a live television coverage.

Royal Hali Gaziantep visited Pinar Karsiyaka last saturday. Pinar Karsiyaka which was a team that defeated anyone except Banvit at home surrendered to Royal Hali after a decisive performance by the visitors. Royal Hali Gaziantep led the entire game comfortably where the margin was as high as 24 points at the second half. Home side Pinar Karsiyaka team just couldn't do anything even to level the score against their opponents. Royal Hali achieved an unforgettable victory in a venue where none of big teams of Istanbul couldn't survive. What makes this victory more devastating is the fact that Royal Hali Gaziantep's most important player Joey Dorsey didn't play at all, possibly due to a last minute injury.

Tofas,too, put up an astonishing performance against Fenerbahce Ulker last weekend. Well, it was more or less obvious such match up wasn't supposed to be a piece of cake one for Fenerbahce Ulker but noone expected Tofas to trail heavily Fenerbahce Ulker as they did. I remember the score when it was 66-40 in the 3rd quarter on behalf of Tofas and i guess that moment explains everything how well Tofas players concentrated to win this game as a team. They did lose some rythm in the final quarter as they've done since the beginning of the season;however, Fenerbahce Ulker was totally out of service. The main reason why Fenerbahce Ulker was smashed is the absence of Bojan Bogdanovic. Bogdanovic only played less than 3 minutes and left the game due to an injury in the first quarter.

The reason I postponed writing this post was my intention to clarify the latest situation of Joey Dorsey. As I said, his absence against Pinar Karsiyaka last weekend was totaly last minute surprise and I couldn't find any concrete information to make sure if he's okey to play tomorrow against Tofas. Home side Royal Hali is in superby form as a team. Dylan Page who stepped forward and took responsibility in the absence of Dorsey scored team high 19 points and collected 9 boards last week.Akeem Swann who was the key player for the victory against Besiktas didn't play well and scored only 3 points in 30+ minutes. He's likely to resume his contribution tomorrow. Tofas could only be dominating Gaziantep Bsb. by Chinemelu Elonu in the paint in case Joey Dorsey doesn't play. Besides his presence, Royal Hali is capable to challenge Tofas in all aspects of the game.

Even if Tofas defeated Fenerbahce Ulker last week by a remarkable performance, the absence of Bojan Bogdanovic had a great effect on this result. Let's remember the fact that, the week before, Tofas lost to Turk Telekom 76-70 on the road. Tofas is a young team with serious 4th quarter syndrome, so i'm very reluctant to rely on them. With or without Joey Dorsey, Royal Hali Gaziantep which I witnessed with naked eye against Pinar Karsiyaka last week, is clear favourites here. I think they are capable of covering the spread as well.  The spread isn't a big deal, so it's worth to risk here.

I'll update Dorsey's status if i find reliable information.

Pick: Royal Hali Gaziantep -5.5 @ 1.88
Stake: 8/10

Good luck and happy betting!

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