Friday, March 1, 2013

Recap of February 2013

Dear Ofeek readers,

It's the 1st day of March, so once again it's time to evaluate what we have done here on this page. February is obviously the shortest month of yearly calendar and some of the tournaments we focus on had ending stages during mid month, so the number of picks presented in this blog decreases remarkably. In january, we have been presented 42 picks in total whereas in february, this figure was only 26 instead.

In 26 picks, total of 205 units were staked. This amount of units staked brough us 16.5 ROI with the exact yield of %7.8 at the end of the month. Although we reached a similar figure of what we've achieved in the previous months, it could have been way much better.

In the middle of February, there were Turkish basketball cup finals scheduled where we suffered heavy losses. Anadolu Efes was undoubtedly the team which made us down more times than any other team we analyzed. Last weekend was also a total disaster where we had only one winning pick out of 4. The only consolation was the fact that we managed to end the month with another positive yield.

Today, we initiate to a new month with completely fresh statistics, so March 2013 will bring us higher ROI along with a better yield at the end. From time to time, I receive praises through the contact form on the page as well as by email so, I'm confident that people who follow those pages appreciate greatly the content provided on this pages without charging anything.

Thanks for your growing interest proven by increasing popularity of the page.

Looking forward to see you here more often than ever in March 2013.

Keep following!

Ofeek Admin

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