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Pinar Karsiyaka - Paris Levallois

Pinar Karsiyaka Paris Levallois pick
Eurochallenge 2012-2013 season quarter finals are finally arrived and Pinar Karsiyaka is going to host Paris Levallois in Izmir for the first game of 3 leg elimination period. Last season, Pinar Karsiyaka couldn't make it up to Top 8 even though the preceeding year Pinar Karsiyaka was eliminated on the verge of Final 4 by Russian side Saint Petersburg.

Before reaching to quarter finals, Pinar Karsiyaka was drawn in Group I of TOP 16 stage. Pinar Karsiyaka won its first 3 games of that stage in a row;however, lost the 4th one against Metan Medias on the road. A decisive victory handed in to Bk Ventspils clinched Pinar Karsiyaka's access to quarter finals one week prior to the end of TOP 16 group stage. In an inconsequantial game, Pinar Karsiyaka lost its last game in Finland, yet they still made it out of Group I at the top spot.

Paris Levallois was in Group J in the previous round where they won 4 of their total 6 games. Along with the other french side BCM, Paris Levallois made their way to quarter finals by grabbing the second spot after the group leader BCM Gravelines. Since Paris Levallois lost both games against their French opponent, they lost the chance of obtaining home court advantage, so they'll place two games on the road, if 3rd game is needed.

Pinar Karsiyaka lost twice in each of those two separate group stages prior to reaching quarter finals so did Paris Levallois. Pinar Karsiyaka hasn't lost any game at home this Eurochallenge season whereas Paris Levallois lost at home 3 times up to this point. One interesting point is Paris Levallois won 5 out of 6 road games in Eurochallenge tournament. Although they are remarkably stronger at home within French Domestic Basketball League, Paris Levallois surprisingly performed better on the road when it came to Eurochallenge tournament. The last game Paris played in the previous round was against Szolnoki Olaj and they defeated hungarian side 74-80 on the road. Let me remind you that Olaj was one of the teams who made it to Eurochallenge F4 last season.

Pinar Karsiyaka has suffered some injury problems recently. Due to this situation, they signed small forward Melvin Sanders last week. 10 days ago, missing Pinar Karsiyaka managed to play head to head against Fenerbahce Ulker but lost the game 78-76 on the road. Neverheless, it became so clear how misleading this result was once both Pinar Karsiyaka and Fenerbahce Ulker were handed in heavy defeats this weekend. I watched both games and both teams deserved to be beaten. The injured players Can Maxim Mutaf and Caner Topaloglu returned to rotation 2 days ago but they were terribly unfit due to heavy lack of match practice. Starting small forward Jon Diebler is still injured. New signing Melvin Sander also played around 10 minutes against Royal Hali Gaziantep and he also needs a lot of time to get used to his new team. Visiting Paris Levallois, on the other hand, doesn't seem to have any injury problems. According to the French Basketball Federation's website, core players of Paris Levallois rotation received decent minutes last weekend in their domestic competition.

Former Charlotte Bobcats, Sacramento Kings and Fenerbahce Ulker player Sean May and hot French Prospect Andrew Albicy are key Paris players whereas Pinar Karsiyaka will once again count on Robert Lee Dixon and william Thomas mostly. Paris Levallois is a good rebounding team, so they are likely to challenge Pinar Karsiyaka paint players well enough to prevail. The biggest strengh of Pinar Karsiyaka, perimeter shooting, is unlikely to be as effective as it's been due to the above reported injuries / post injury realities. Although, Pinar Karsiyaka is still the favourites here, It won't be so easy at all. Considering the away performance of Paris Levallois in Eurochallenge 2012-2013 season (not in French League,though) and ongoing problems of Pinar Karsiyaka, the determined spread on behalf of visiting side is of great value to me.
(I myself bet either on bet365 or on marathonbet because I don't need so high limits;however, pinnaclesports released the odds. So, I'll use their screenshot for this pick)

Pick: Paris Levallois +10.0 @ 1.94
Stake: 8/10

Good luck and happy betting!

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  2. The spread has been rapidly dropping as estimated


    Epic final 15 seconds and unforgettable mistakes by Pinar Karsiyaka rotation. Pick is won but i'm totally sorry for them