Saturday, March 23, 2013

Olin Edirne - Turk Telekom Ankara

Olin Edirne Turk Telekom pick
This is another ugly looking, but potentially profitable match up. Teams of poor standings are facing each other in a crucial game this afternoon. Olin Edirne is feeling the pressure with Antalya Bsb.'s surprise victory last week, so they better give a reaction to neutralize it. Turk Telekom is somewhat more relaxed, but they are still close to the danger zone, so they can't take things easy.

I've written many times the same lines, so i won't repeat it long. Turk Telekom is far least reliable team of this league. They have serious budget and investment each year, but they never establish an organization to play for higher targets. Their inconsitency is known by everyone. Two weeks ago, they made Anadolu Efes have hard time in Istanbul. Last week, on the other hand, they were trailed at home by Fenerbahce Ulker without Bojan Bogdanovic. So, it's difficult to figure out the daily performance of Turk Telekom team.

Olin Edirne is much more mediocre team financially with a lot better fan support and basketball organization. This year, they've had some organizational problems;however, they seem to reunite a bit for now, though. Last week, it was their time to face strong Anadolu Efes and they resisted more than most though they would. In fact, Anadolu Efes secured the victory in the very final moments of the game.

Today, it's a must win game for Olin Edirne. Let me explain why; Antalya Bsb. surprisingly defeated Ted Kolejliler last week and equilazed the amount of victories with Olin. Today, they'll play against Mersin Bsb. and another Antalya Bsb. win ( which is a possibility ) puts Olin Edirne into great danger. Last week, Olin head coach Gokhan Tastimur rested Christos Tapoutos and Bekir Yarangume specifically for this game. ( Playing with Anadolu Efes isn't a target game for them ) The rest of his team is in shape as well. So, Olin Edirne has everything needed to win this game.

Pick: Olin Edirne ML @ 1.62
Stake: 10/10

Good luck and happy betting!

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