Friday, March 8, 2013

Mersin - Hacettepe University BK

Mersin Hacettepe University pick
This is one of the 6 games scheduled for satuday in Turkish Basketball league this weekend. Mersin Bsb. team started to the second half of the season by playing home games and so far they haven't won any home victory yet. Hacettepe University is fighting against the relegation and their hopes decrease week by week. It's going to be interesting to see whether or not Mersin Bsb. could finally  achieve their first home victory or if Hacettepe University could flourish some sort of relegation hope by defeating Mersin Bsb., having them continue their losing trend.

Normally, Hacettepe University would be the last team to bet on for anyone who just looks at the schedule and the standings of the league. However, they do have some momentum on the positive sense, so i'll try my chances once again looking to find something valuable on their game. Last week, Hacettepe University hosted Ted Kolejliler in an important match up. They did their best to contend their opponents but Ted Kolejliler were just the better side and they played better in clutch times. Ted Kolejliler won the game by covering the spread as well, making us lose our pick on that game.

Mersin Bsb. is furious. In fact, many people including me thought they should have already won a couple of times since they started playing at home;however, the statistics indicate Mersin Bsb. to be 0/5 at home so far. Mersin Bsb. team doesn't give much shit about the defense because they are a team with great scoring potential. Every week, one of the american players in the rotation randomly steps up and scores 20+ points and such a contribution is combined with the efforts of Ali Karadeniz, league's scoring leader, making Mersin Bsb. team to play high scored games. Last week, that guy was Willie Solomon who scored 23 points against Banvit. They were so close to victory that Banvit was just more experienced than them to win the match up.

A lot of people think that this is the moment Mersin Bsb. is finally supposed to win. But, it may not be that easy. Hacettepe University is a very limited team offensively;however, Mersin Bsb. has nothing to do regarding the defense. They probably aim to win by scoring as high as possible. Hacettepe University wouldn't mind it at all. Considering the offensive mentality of Mersin Bsb. team and recently increased productivity of Hacettepe University rotation, it's very likely to be a pacey game. If Hacettepe University resists as much as i hope, the game total just ends the way i expect it to be. They scored 85 points last week. A figure between 75-80 would be enough for us to win this pick.

Pick: Game Total over 157.5 @ 1.88
Stake: 8/10

Good luck and happy betting!

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