Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mersin - Aliaga

Mersin Bsb. Aliaga Petkim pick
In the opening game of the weekend, Mersin Bsb. is hosting Aliaga Petkim today. Mersin Bsb. team defeated Antalya Bsb. last week in a head to head game whereas Aliaga Petkim couldn't avoid the loss against Ted Kolejliler in Ankara.

Aliaga Petkim doesn't show a steady performance as their fixture is tough enough. I easily expected them to obtain an upward trend as soon as the new head coach Hakan Demir took in charge;however, they haven't yet achieved a series of victories since he arrived. Aliaga Petkim lost twice in the last two weeks. The last victory they managed to attach was against Olin Edirne 3 weeks ago.

Mersin Bsb. team is pretty much in the same trend as well. Everyone including me thought the second half of the season were the time Mersin would rise rapidly by taking advantage of home games, but what we've seen so far is completely the opposite of what was assumed. They lost the first 5 games in a streak and the only team Mersin beated were Hacettepe University and Antalya Bsb. after they started to play home games. ( We all know how weak both of those teams are!)

In the last two games, Mersin Bsb. didn't impress at all. They were heavily dominated by Galatasaray Medical Park and they couldn't defeat Antalya Bsb. as comfortably as it should have been. It's now a crystal clear fact that Mersin Bsb. rotation consists of bunch of reckless guys who play basketball for fun rather than achieving things. They are terrible especially at the defensive end of the court, so I put them as the least reliable team of the league for now. Aliaga Petkim clearly aims for a play off spot. We don't know if they could manage it, but to aim it, this is one of the games they are supposed to win. They already lost twice in a row, so they better avoid losing this one.

Pick: Aliaga Petkim +4.5 @ 1.88
Stake: 8/10

Good luck and happy betting!

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    I was quite sure that Aliaga would win this game;however, I prefferred to stay within the safe side because we lost a lot in the recent days.