Friday, March 8, 2013

Casa Ted Kolejliler - Galatasaray

Galatasaray is going to be hosted by Ted Kolejliler on saturday afternoon. Galatasaray Medical Park team which was relegated from Eurocup tournament in TOP 16 stage now focuses entirely on the domestic competition. They've won 7 games in a row already and they aim to add another victory this weekend. Home side Ted Kolejliler is quite comfortable in 7th seed of the standings, looking forward to participate in the play offs.

Ted Kolejliler faced Hacettepe University in a rival match up and they managed to defeat their opponent in spite of they had some difficulty from time to time during the game. Hacettepe University pushed the scoring many times trying to catch up with strong Ted Kolejliler but they just lacked the quality to take the lead and sustain it. All in all, Ted Kolejliler added another victory to their record and secured further their place within play off range.

Galatasaray Medical Park, with the return of point guard Jamont Gordon, comfortably defeated Erdemir which is probably worst team depending on their current shape. They led the entire game easily and beated Erdemir by 20+ points margin. Jamont Gordon was the leading scorer who made 21 points in only 22 minutes. Milan Macvan and Engin Atsur were other players contributing in double figures, mainly thanks to their perimeter shooting skills.

In a weekend when Banvit is to be hosted by Besiktas on monday night, Ergin Ataman's guys aren't supposed to make any mistake in order to climb further in the standings. Although, Ted Kolejliler is a decent team, they are highly comfortable in the standings;therefore, any loss doesn't cost a lot to them. Galatasaray Medical Park team has enough debt to contain strong Ted Kolejliler front court consisting the veteran duo of Jovo Stanojevic and Nedim Yucel. Cenk Akyol is still unavailable, but his absence isn't crucial to Galatasaray at all. To sustain their recent momentum to finish the league as well as possible prior to play offs, I expect head coach Ergin Ataman's team to take this game very seriously. The spread is quite reasonable to try as well.

Pick: Galatasaray Medical Park -6.5 @ 1.88
Stake: 8/10

Good luck and happy betting!

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