Monday, March 25, 2013

Besiktas - Galatasaray

Besiktas Galatasaray pick
In a monday night game, Besiktas and Galatasaray are going to face each other in a rival match up. Visiting Galatasaray Medical Park is placed in the 4th position of the standings and they are coming with a 9 game winning streak. Home side Besiktas is at 6th spot and they haven't yet managed to defeat any of the elite teams within the league.

Galatasaray team after being eliminated in Eurocup put its entire focus on the domestic competititon. Since, that's what is left to achieve, they'll fight hard to be as advantagous as possible prior to the league play offs. Besiktas team after a terrible Euroleague Top 16 stage, finally managed to achieve their first victory ever against Montepaschi Siena 3 days ago. As i said above, the team hadn't won any game since Curtis Jerrells left, so the motivation which this glory brought is very essential to them. Tonight, they'll try to take it even further by hitting Galatasaray Medical Park as well. The first match up between those two teams ended with 64-60 Galatasaray Medical Park victory.

There is a speculation that Galatasaray Medical Park guard Jamont Gordon is injured and he's out of action for 10-15 days. This news isn't yet confirmed by reliable sources;however, his absence might mean a lot to fate of this game. He averaged 16.7 ppg this season, so his presence on the court is clearly important for Galatasaray. Besiktas doesn't have any known injury problems. Their point guard Tutku Acik also played well against Siena, scoring 17 points in 22 minutes off the bench, along with 4 assists.

Either side victory is equally possible especially if Jamont Gordon does not play at all. Since, Besiktas hasn't won any big match up yet, they are once again to try breaking this streak. Galatasaray Medical Park is also in search of breaking club record by winning 11 games or more in a row, so they in a sense need to win as well. In the first half of the season, Besiktas prevailed well when I expected them to be smashed hard. As i wrote above, the margin was only 4 points when they played on the road. Today, Ergin Ataman, Carlos Arroyo and Ersin Dagli are going to play in front of Besiktas fans for the first time since they all left Besiktas club by putting sponsor issues forward. Therefore, they aren't clearly to be wellcomed well tonight. The unexpected victory of Besiktas against Montepaschi Siena is likely to provide lots of support from Besiktas fans in a home game.

Pick: Besiktas +4.5 @  1.88
Stake: 8/10

Good luck and happy betting!

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