Sunday, March 10, 2013

Besiktas - Banvit Bandirma BK

Besiktas Banvit pick
21th match day of Turkish Basketball league 2012-2013 season is closed by a game between Besiktas and Banvit on monday night. Banvit is currently leading the league with only 2 losses so far whereas Besiktas is anchored to 6th place of the standings sustaining their play off position. Both teams have already relegated from european competitions so, they are supposed to focus on the domestic league and consequently this game to the full extent.

Visiting side Banvit hasn't been as in shape as it was before. Last week, Banvit visited Mersin Bsb. where they barely won the game mainly because Mersin Bsb. gave away the victory to them rather than they collected it by themselves. Home side Mersin Bsb. despite their tighter rotation led the entire game until the very final minutes of last quarter. Banvit took the lead for almost once and they managed to collect a win after realizing an impressive come back. Charles Edward Davis JR was the key player who scored 24 points with being perfect behind the arc 3/3 shooting performance. Three other players in wide Banvit rotation scored in double digits as well. Home side Mersin Bsb.'s 5 players scored in double digits too, 2 of which made 20+ points. As i said already, it was a totally disappointing situation not to be able to win a game when they put such a dominant playing performance.

Besiktas,on the other hand, keeps losing. Last week, Besiktas was in Gaziantep to face Royal Hali on the road and home side Royal Hali Gaziantep didn't treat them nicely at all. Their great performance was crowned by a double digit victory at the end of the game, handing in one of the worst defeats to Besiktas so far. (Royal Hali has just showed strongly that beating Besiktas wasn't a coincide as they defeated another tough team Pinar Karsiyaka consecutively) Unsuprisingly, Besiktas suffered another defeat last friday when they hosted Caja Laboral in Abdi Ipekci arena. Besiktas played a terrible first half where Caja Laboral trailed them by 20 points. The decent come back realized in 3rd quarter just didn't work out and Besiktas lost once again as expected.

This game turns out to happen in such timing that both sides are totaly inconsistent. Banvit is having the worst period of their entire season performance. Besiktas has a clear transition period both rotationwise and targetwise. Two important facts regarding this game is Banvit's sugar candy soft performance in big games and Besiktas's inability to win even a single big game yet. Head coach Erman Kunter's guys lost all games against their main competitors this season. Besiktas couldn't even managed to challenge one of those opponents to the final possession in any of those games. However, this streak is destined to be broken and this could be the day it might actually happen. Banvit plays poorly when they face big teams on the road and Besiktas is the side with a bigger need to win right now.

Two massive surprises already occurred since underdogs won against Fenerbahce Ulker and Pinar Karsiyak this weekend. Underdogs might well come out here as well. Due to the above explained factors, I expect a clear Besiktas victory to end their streak as well as to gain some confidence which they've not yet enjoyed.

Pick: Besiktas ML @ 2.05

Good luck and happy betting!

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