Friday, March 15, 2013

Antalya Bsb. - Ted Kolejliler Ankara

Turkish Basketball League match day 22 will start with saturday schedule. Desperate Antalya Bsb. is going to host Ted Kolejliler on friday afternoon. Last week, Ted Kolejliler faced Galatasaray Medical Park at home but they couldn't avoid to lose by 8 points at the end. Antalya Bsb., in contrast, was on the road and they were heavily beaten by Erdemir; a team which was badly in need of a victory to gain some upward momentum.

Antalya Bsb. team has been the weakest side of the league since the beginning of the season. They achieved some surprising results from time to time mainly by the decent contribution of foreign players within their tight rotation. However, the more the season advanced, the bigger the financial problems grew. Sooner or later, they were supposed to face such economical difficulties and Antalya Bsb. in fact pretty much entered to death end road once the second half of the domestic season began. They lost 5 of their 6 six games in the second half of the season.

Ted Kolejlier was the most impressive underdog of the season especially at the beginning;however, they did lose their momentum as well. Such a decline could be explained mostly by lack of wide rotation as well as the number of veteran players existing in Ted kolejlier squad. Nevertheless, they showed their quality as much as they could in order to carry Ted Kolejliler as high as possible in the standings. Right now, they are located at the 7th place of Turkish League standings and their primary aim is to secure their current spot to reach the play offs.

Antalya Bsb. team has already relegated mentally if not mathematically. As I said above, they lost 5 of their 6 games, all of which were double digit defeats. Actually, the game that Antalya Bsb. won should be named as give away of underachieving Aliaga Petkim rather than the success of Antalya Bsb.(Even that Aliaga Petkim is a much better team now) Visiting Ted Kolejliler last week scored 86 points against Galatasaray Medical Park but they were just not experienced enough to contend such a quality roster. Ted Kolejliler doesn't have any injury problems, so head coach Ercument Sunter has a full roster available to choose from. Two weeks ago, Antalya Bsb., in contrast, was reported to have trained with 7 players only. I don't expect to hear any improvement of theirs rotationwise. They are very likely to utilize young and inexperienced players to distribute minutes.

The given spread is only 6 points against Ted Kolejliler which contains a decent value. I expect a double digit victory from Ted Kolejliler on this road match up;therefore, it's best to pick up our bet while it's highly advantageous. (I expect the spread to rise up to double digits very easily)

Pick: Ted Kolejliler -6.0 @ 1.90
Stake: 8/10

Good luck and happy betting!

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  1. Within about 4 hours, the spread rises 2.0 points, becoming less advantageous.

  2. Antalya Bsb. signed Vladimir Golubovic for the remainder of the season. He's expected to play tomorrow even though i seriously doubt how much he could contribute as being a fresh signing