Saturday, February 16, 2013

Turk Telekom Ankara - Pinar Karsiyaka Izmir

turk telekom karsiyaka pick
This is another match up which I think could have some value in it. Pinar Karsiyaka is coming to the end of long road trip, so certainly they'll aim to end it nicely. Home side Turk Telekom achieved a critical victory 2 weeks ago in Antalya, so currently, they are somewhat more comfortable in the standings.

Last tuesday, Pinar Karsiyaka lost against Gaz Metan Medias whom they defeated by 30 points margin at home. When we look at merely those statistics, that loss could be regarded as a shocking one. In fact, it wasn't surprising at all considering the NBA similar road trip the team had in the last 3 weeks. Pinar Karsiyaka faced Besiktas and Mersin Bsb. on the road 2 weeks ago. Right after that match up, they moved to Eskisehir city where the cup finals were held. As soon as Pinar Karsiyaka was eliminated from the cup, they travelled to Romania straight to face Gaz Metan Medias. The guys who haven't seen their houses for about 20 days were highly exhausted, so no matter how hard they tried, they couldn't catch up with motivated and well prepared Romanian side. Pinar Karsiyaka suffered their first game in Top 16 of Eurochallenge cup this season. The team landed Ankara directly from Romania to play their last game of such long road streak. Today, they'll face relatively weaker team; Turk Telekom, whom they are likely to win against.

Turk Telekom with their new coach defeated Antalya Bsb. 2 weeks ago;however, the team didn't seem to have anything changed or improved significantly. Turk Telekom rotation still counts heavily on their perimeter scoring. It was just another day they managed to hit over %40 behind the arc, so Turk Telekom was able to beat Antalya Bsb., a team which isn't up to defend so strictly. Today, they face Pinar Karsiyaka coached by Ufuk Sarica who is more strict in terms of defensive performance.

Due to the tight schedule and its side effects, this game isn't as easy to guess as it seems. Nevertheless, the fact that I cound on is the loss Pinar Karsiyaka suffered in Romania. I don't see head coach Ufuk Sarica's rotation losing twice in a row, so I'm confident that they'll work hard to make it up from the first minute. The fatigue factor might be in effect towards the end of the game, so it's better to focus on the half time spread instead. Turk Telekom made 30 2pts FG attempt whereas they shot 12/28 behind the arc. Attempting more or less the same amount of field goals inside and outside the area is an awkward statistic giving us an idea of what kind of offensive mentality a team has. Pinar Karsiyaka won't let them much open space to shoot comfortably. The half time spread is quite reasonable for visitors to cover.

Pick : Pinar Karsiyaka Half Time -4.5 @ 1.88
Stake: 8/10 

Good luck and happy betting!

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