Friday, February 1, 2013

Recap of January 2013

Dear Ofeek readers,

Today is the beginning of February, so it's time to evaluate the picks and performance of january and to make analysis of it. Unlike the prior two months, we introduced variable stake while calculating our monthly statistics. In december, the number of picks were lower because european competitions did make a pause of 2 weeks before the beginning of TOP 16 stages. We ended January with 42 picks.(Remember, we assummed to present about 40 picks in the previous recap, so such a number is quite consistent)

In 42 picks, we staked total of 294 units during January. This amount brought us +26,99 ROI with equal to %9.1 net yield. Although we have ended the month with a positive yield third time in a row ( the previous yields were %6.1 and %7.7 respectively), the final outcome of this month could have been much much higher. Just about 5 days ago, the yield was around %24, but a terrible performance during the last weekend destroyed it all.

In January, there were particularly two bad streaks where we suffered heavy losing bets. The first and the last weekend of the month were just terrible. ( You can take a look at the bad streaks in the sheet). One positive point is the number of winning picks in European competitions were significantly higher when compared to december. So, I'm confident that avoiding the bad streaks as much as possible within Turkish domestic league, it's not a dream to reach the end of month with a positive yield around %20-%25.

I believe such positive yields during three months in a row is not bad at all considering the tipping service is completely free of charge. The daily and monthly traffic of this page increases accordingly, so I assume readers enjoy it too. In february, we'll continue using variable stakes. February is a short month, so the number of picks might drop around 35-36 in total at the end.

Thanks for your growing interest proven by increasing daily traffic and popularity of the page.

Looking forward to see you here more often than ever in February 2013.

Keep following!

Ofeek Admin