Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mersin - Royal Hali

Mersin Royal Hali pick
This is the game which I think could be regarded as one of the most exciting one in saturday schedule. I really wished there would be a live television coverage but there isn't unfortunately. Mersin Bsb. which finally started to play its home games hasn't won at home yet. Royal Hali is a team which hasn't achieved any victory on the road. So, either of these trends will disappear this afternoon.

After playing all their first games on the road, Mersin Bsb. began enjoying home games with a relatively tough schedule. Two defeats suffered against Pinar Karsiyaka and Fenerbahce Ulker was accompanied with an unexpected loss handed in by Tofas 2 weeks ago. Right now, they look to achieve their first home win of the season and Royal Hali could just be the right opponent to achieve it.

Visiting Royal Hali Gaziantep has been appreciated by many basketball fans especially  after they signed superstar power forward Joey Dorsey in mid season. In fact, he's meant almost everything Royal Hali got since he arrived and his statistics prove it somewhat. He receives 32 minutes per game and averages 15.5 points and 12 boards so far in the league.

Mersin Bsb. has to start winning from somewhere if they would like to find themselves in a play off spot at the end of the regular season. Today, it could be just that day. Royal Hali Gaziantep has extremely tight rotation with 3-4 players receiving 36+ minutes per game. Their bench contribution is almost negligible. Mersin Bsb. is a team which prefers to utilize pacey game tempo, so visiting Royal Hali rotation might have hard time to catch their breath. Home side Mersin Bsb. is clearly dominant especially in their back court rotation. Unless Royal Hali shoots well behind the 3pts line, I see a clear home side win here. The spread is a little bit risky, but today i'll take that risk too.

Pick: Mersin Bsb. -6.5 @ 1.88
Stake: 8/10

Good luck and happy betting!

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