Saturday, February 16, 2013

Galatasaray Medical Park - Anadolu Efes Istanbul

Galatasaray Medical Park Anadolu Efes pick
This is the game of the weekend and it is scheduled to be played on tomorrow afternoon. However, the odds are really nice, so i thought it's better if we pick what we are supposed to pick already today. Galatasaray Medical Park lost in Kazan 3 days ago and was eliminated from Uleb Eurocup. The only competition that remains for them is the league. Anadolu Efes keeps going forward. Just 2 days ago, they defeated strong Real Madrid in Abdi Ipekci Arena. Tomorrow, they'll look to take revenge of Turkish Cup match up which took place last week.

Galatasaray Medical Park defeated Anadolu Efes 72-64 in the Turkish Cup. 2 days ago, when I wrote my pick regarding their match up with Real Madrid, I clearly mentioned that that loss handed in by Galatasaray Medical Park shouldn't be taken seriously. Anadolu Efes was about to play an important game with Real Madrid, so they obviously didn't pay much attention to Turkish Cup. In fact, being eliminated early gave them the opportunity to be prepared for Euroleague and they, in fact, collected the fruits of being fresh and prepared by handing in the first defeat to Real Madrid. That game is over, so right now they could focus on the league more. In the first half of the league, Galatasaray Medical Park defeated Anadolu Efes by double digit victory;however, lots of changes occurred since then.

Galatasaray Medical Park is far weaker than they were before. The season ending injuries of Goksenin Koksal and Henry Domercant was followed by the drug suspension of small forward David Hawkins. During the season, Carlos Arroyo and Manuchar Markoisvhili were added to the rotation. Point guard Jamont Gordon hit his opponent by an elbow against Anadolu Efes and was suspended 2 games. So, he won't play against Anadolu Efes tomorrow. Small forward Cenk Akyol was diagnosed by pneumonia and he receives treatment in hospital. He is also unable to play tomorrow. Anadolu Efes, in contrast, doesn't have any injuries or problems reported for this game.

Considering the absences, Galatasaray Medical Park will be on the court with much more weakened rotation. Last week, there was some speculation regarding the payment problems which seemed to heavily affect the team's performance in Kazan. In short, things aren't as pleasent as head coach Ergin Ataman would wish. Anadolu Efes, on the other hand, lost twice against them, so certainly they'll try to turn things around. Head coach Oktay Mahmudi's team is in top shape, so if his guys ever defeat Galatasaray Medical Park, this is the game to be. The given ML odds are decent, so we better take advantage of them.

Pick: Anadolu Efes ML @ 2.00
Stake: 8/10

Good Luck and Happy Betting!

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