Thursday, February 7, 2013

Galatasaray - Anadolu Efes

Galatasaray Anadolu Efes pick
In the second day of Turkish cup finals, Anadolu Efes and Galatasaray Medical Park are challenging each other to reach to semi finals. In the first half of the league, Galatasaray Medical Park was hosted by Anadolu Efes where the visiting side comfortably won the game 73-83. Nevertheless, lots of things have changed since then;therefore, we have a very tight match up ahead of us.

Galatasaray Medical Park performs far worse than their early season shape. Just a few months ago, they were named as the favourites of all tournaments by most of the community, but the situtation is completely the opposite right now. First, they lost Henry Domercant and Goksenin Koksal from their ideal starting line up. Later, Galatasaray Medical Park is shocked by their captain David Hawkins in accusition of usage of illegal drugs. His second sample was recentl examined and he's about to face a suspension between 24-30 months. His carreer is pretty much over. By the side effects of such problems, Galatasaray isn't as competent as they were neither in Eurocup nor in Turkish league.

Anadolu Efes, in contrast, finds each rythm week by week. While they continue to sustain their competence in the domestic league, Anadolu Efes won 5 of its all 6 games in Euroleague top 16, making more than half way to the quarter finals. Today, they'll seek to take the revenge of the loss they suffered at the end of october against Galatasaray Medical Park.

Although Anadolu Efes is revealed a clear favourites here, I think it won't be easy for either side in such a single elimination game. The foreign player limitation rule might put pressure on Anadolu Efes coach Oktay Mahmudi to alter his ideal line up. Galatasaray Medical Park migh be dominant especialy in the inside whereas their back court's daily performance could be deciding their fate. Their recent signing Manuchar Markoishvili played 15 minutes last weekend. It's going to be a good occasion also for him to get used to the domestic competition. Since, I don't find enough value in 1.5 Anadolu Efes ML odds and consider the spread little bit risky in such a game which might be destined to final possession, I'll go for a game total line. Galatasaray Medical Park defense which I think is the key element grounding this choice isn't as tough as it was, so the winner is likely to be decided by scoring performances. I expect today's decided game total line to be exceeded easily. The last match up between these sides ended 73-83 with Galatasaray Medical Park victory.

Pick: Game total over 146.5 @ 1.88
Stake: 10/10

Good luck and happy betting!

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