Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fenerbahce Ulker - Barcelona

Fenerbahce Barcelona Regal pick
Tonight, Fenerbahce Ulker is going to host Regal Barcelona for the opening game of match day 8 in TOP 16. Regal Barcelona is leading the group stage with 6/1 record in 7 games so far whereas Fenerbahce Ulker hardly collected 2 victories, one of which achieved against group worst Besiktas.

This is a pick that I don't see much need to write much about. Last week, when Fenerbahce Ulker hosted the weakest Besiktas at home, I figured the spread was riduculously high against them. In fact, they  had quite a bit trouble contending Besiktas everytime they managed to circulate the ball around the court properly. At the end, Fenerbahce Ulker won the game;however, it didn't happen as easy as it was supposed to be by bookies. Nothing has changed since last week. Fenerbahce Ulker was on the road to face Mersin Bsb. last monday. Despite the victory, they were still too soft in the defensive end to stop the opposition team. Tonight, they are going to be one of the most organized teams of the league.

Today, the determined spread on behalf of Fenerbahce Ulker is as low as +5. Ulker Arena is a beatifully crafted place which is a pleasure to play on for all visiting squads. There is hardly any evidence of spectators' pressure to make Regal Barcelona distracted. Fenerbahce Ulker defense is still struggling. Last week, they allowed Besiktas to score 72 points whose average scoring per game was below 60. They were also outrebounded once again.

In Regal Barcelona, Juan Carlos Navarro's situation seems to be still uncertain, but i don't find this fact to be so crucial to change my mind about this pick. Barcelona Regal has to win this game confidently if they aim to finish the league on the top. Remember, Montepaschi Siena won there, so should they. I think the determined spread is reasonably low so they could cover it as well.

Pick : Regal Barcelona -5.0 @ 1.90
Stake: 8/10

Good luck and happy betting!

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    Probably the easiest WON of the season