Sunday, February 24, 2013

Anadolu Efes - Antalya

Anadolu Efes Antalya Bsb. pick
Euroleague giants Anadolu Efes is hosting Antalya Bsb. in a domestic match up this evening. While they are doing superby in Euroleague, Anadolu Efes is showing rather inconsistent performance. Visiting Antalya Bsb. is placed at the bottom of the league and they gotta start showing some reaction before it's too late.

I looked at my own statistics and see that Anadolu Efes made me down twice in the past 2 weeks. Since I have had only 4-5 losing picks recently, such ratio is remarkably high. First, in the Turkish Cup finals, Anadolu Efes didn't do anything positive at all when they faced Galatasaray Medical Park and made me lose my game total pick. Later, They were hosted by Galatasaray Medical Park to face them once again and they lost miserably on the road. Both losses proved something very concretely that nothing but Euroleague is their primary concern this year. Those bad performances both were regarded as the natural outcomes of following Euroleague games. In fact, they did show how much they want it this year to reach to F4 in Euroleague. Less than 48 hours later of such a magnificient victory achieved against CSKA Moscow, Anadolu Efes is forced to play against Antalya Bsb. which is nothing more than a burden for them.

Antalya Bsb. is a team which further loses faith to survive the relegation each week. Their rotation was already weak but they also lost some games they shouldn't have. They better show some improvement otherwise they might face the reality earlier than they think. Luckily, they caught another miserable team Aliaga Petkim at home last week and added another victory to their record.

The critical fact regarding Antalya Bsb.'s situation is the victory of Hacettepe University which they managed to secure yesterday. It might seem only a win, but it's very essential one because it pushed them out of the relegation zone with double average clause. Antalya Bsb. has recently replaced their coach. Although, this change of duty didn't help them at the first game, last week they achieved to beat Aliaga Petkim with their new coaching staff. Today, they need some sort of miracle, but they could at least try realizing it. Anadolu Efes squad is highly likely to have motivation problems, so we better take advantage of it. The full time spread is quite nice whereas the half time spread is even nicer. Antalya Bsb. isn't supposed to be trailed by double digit already in the first half.

Pick: Antalya Bsb. First Half +9.5 @ 1.88
Stake: 8/10

Good luck and happy betting!

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