Sunday, February 24, 2013

Aliaga - Turk Telekom

Aliaga Petkim Turk Telekom pick
One of the most underachieving teams of Turkish Basketball Leauge Aliaga Petkim is hosting Turk Telekom this afternoon. Both teams lost their games last weekend and they are only a pair of victories away from the relegation zone;therefore, it's a must win game for either side.

Turk Telekom in a game where we staked money lost once again against Pinar Karsiyaka 65-84 last weekend. They've recently replaced their coach, but nothing has changed in a positive direction for them. In the first quarter of the game, they pretty much seemed to hold on to scoring;however, Pinar Karsiyaka gradually took control of the game in the second quarter and went to the locker room for half time break with 9-10 points lead. Turk Telekom won its game the week before, so they probably didn't mind much losing against Pinar Karsiyaka. Nevertheless, Aliaga Petkim is an opponent which they better take seriously.

Given the amount of money they speny, Aliaga Petkim as I wrote in the above lines, is definitely the most unsuccessfull team of the season. They should be playing to clinch 6th, 7th spot in the standings looking for a playoff spot as they did play play offs last year; but they totally messed it up this season. Their Management must be thinking alike that they replaced their coach Burak Biyiktay with former Erdemir and Pinar Karsiyaka coach Hakan Demir during the mid week. This was a sort of action they were destined to make and it was just the right time to begin some sort of upward trend. Aliaga Petkim with their home court support will try to win by their new coach today.

As stated earlier countless times, Turk Telekom has nothing to do with team basketball. I look at the statistics and they once again recorded more or less the same amount of 2pts and 3pts field goal attemps. Their only threat in the paint is Miha Zupan and he suffered early foul trouble and became ineffective for most of the game. Due to the selfish nature of point guard Dee Brown, they rarely utilize another big man Lance Williams in the area. In the home side, the arrival of Hakan Demir will certainly bring some energy to the team. Aliaga Petkim has already a group of guys with decent quality, so they start winning games sooner or later. For today's match up, they have enough firepower to exploit inside weaknesses of Turk Telekom. Torin Jamal Francis, Jerome Arnold and Preston Shumpert who is capable of playing both inside and outside will lead the way for home side.

Unless Turk Telekom has gods with them, I expect a clear Aliaga Petkim victory, possibly with double digit lead. The only reason this bet may lose could be amazing outer shooting performance of Turk Telekom. Yesterday, Royal Hali Gaziantep trailed Mersin Bsb. with visiting Royal Hali scoring 16/30 behind 3pts line. No pick would survive in existence of such legendary shooting performance but I just think that lightning doesn't strike twice.

Pick: Aliaga Petkim -6.5 @ 1.88
Stake: 8/10

Good luck and happy betting!

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