Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Besiktas Istanbul - Olympiakos

Besiktas Olympiakos pick
Besiktas is hosting Olympiakos Piraeus on the openin game of match day 9 in Euroleague. Although there are seven games left for this stage to be completed, Besiktas without any victory is already eliminated both mathematically and mentally. Visiting Olympiakos has 5 victories out of 8 games and is tied at the 3rd spot with BC Khimki; therefore, it is a game they have to win without a doubt.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Anadolu Efes - Antalya

Anadolu Efes Antalya Bsb. pick
Euroleague giants Anadolu Efes is hosting Antalya Bsb. in a domestic match up this evening. While they are doing superby in Euroleague, Anadolu Efes is showing rather inconsistent performance. Visiting Antalya Bsb. is placed at the bottom of the league and they gotta start showing some reaction before it's too late.

Aliaga - Turk Telekom

Aliaga Petkim Turk Telekom pick
One of the most underachieving teams of Turkish Basketball Leauge Aliaga Petkim is hosting Turk Telekom this afternoon. Both teams lost their games last weekend and they are only a pair of victories away from the relegation zone;therefore, it's a must win game for either side.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mersin - Royal Hali

Mersin Royal Hali pick
This is the game which I think could be regarded as one of the most exciting one in saturday schedule. I really wished there would be a live television coverage but there isn't unfortunately. Mersin Bsb. which finally started to play its home games hasn't won at home yet. Royal Hali is a team which hasn't achieved any victory on the road. So, either of these trends will disappear this afternoon.

Olin - Galatasaray Medical Park

Olin Edirne Galatasaray Pick
The opening game of the weekend is scheduled between Olin Edirne and Galatasaray Medical Park. Olin Edirne is one of the weakest teams in the league and they won their last game away when they faced Hacettepe University last weekend. Galatasaray Medical Park defeated Anadolu Efes once again to achieve their second victory in a row against them.

Friday, February 22, 2013

BC Khimki - Besiktas

BC Khimki Moscow Region Besiktas pick
BC Khimki is going to host Besiktas for the return leg of 75-80 victory held in Istanbul. Visiting Besiktas Istanbul is still without a victory, so once again they'll try to realize a surprise. Home side BC Khimki Moscow Region has the same 4/3 record along with 2 other teams in the group stage, so in order not to jeopardy their qualification, they shouldn't suffer any loss in match up like this one.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fenerbahce Ulker - Barcelona

Fenerbahce Barcelona Regal pick
Tonight, Fenerbahce Ulker is going to host Regal Barcelona for the opening game of match day 8 in TOP 16. Regal Barcelona is leading the group stage with 6/1 record in 7 games so far whereas Fenerbahce Ulker hardly collected 2 victories, one of which achieved against group worst Besiktas.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pinar Karsiyaka - Ventspils

Pinar Karsiyaka BK Ventspils pick
In the Fiba Eurochallenge game of the week, Pinar Karsiyaka is going to host BK Ventspils in Karsiyaka Arena tonight. This game is particularly chosen because a defeat for either side won't mean the end of the road whereas the victory might mean a lot to finish the group stage on top for BK Ventspils provided that they could cover the double average clause. Any Pinar Karsiyaka victory will get them through by leading Group I one week before the closedown of this stage.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Tofas SC - Besiktas Istanbul

Tofas besiktas pick
This sunday, there are three games scheduled and i find this game very nice choice to make some more profit. Besiktas is visiting Tofas in Bursa for the 3rd game of the second half of Turkish Basketball league. Both teams played in European competitions during mid week where home side Tofas is 2 days more rested compared to Besiktas.

Turk Telekom Ankara - Pinar Karsiyaka Izmir

turk telekom karsiyaka pick
This is another match up which I think could have some value in it. Pinar Karsiyaka is coming to the end of long road trip, so certainly they'll aim to end it nicely. Home side Turk Telekom achieved a critical victory 2 weeks ago in Antalya, so currently, they are somewhat more comfortable in the standings.

Galatasaray Medical Park - Anadolu Efes Istanbul

Galatasaray Medical Park Anadolu Efes pick
This is the game of the weekend and it is scheduled to be played on tomorrow afternoon. However, the odds are really nice, so i thought it's better if we pick what we are supposed to pick already today. Galatasaray Medical Park lost in Kazan 3 days ago and was eliminated from Uleb Eurocup. The only competition that remains for them is the league. Anadolu Efes keeps going forward. Just 2 days ago, they defeated strong Real Madrid in Abdi Ipekci Arena. Tomorrow, they'll look to take revenge of Turkish Cup match up which took place last week.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Fenerbahce Ulker - Besiktas(Euroleague 1st match up)

Fenerbahce Ulker Besiktas pick
This is just another interesting game to consider merely due to the odds revealed. Home side Fenerbahce Ulker has only one victory which they achieved against BC Khimki Moscow Region a couple of weeks ago. Besiktas is the only team without a win in Group F and this is one of the few remaining games they should exploit if they intend to alter this statistics.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Anadolu Efes - Real Madrid

Anadolu Efes Real Madrid pick
I've been pretty busy recently, so i just didn't have the time to check out the odds for this week's match up. However, the odds determined for this game seems pretty attractive to me. Since, I finally have some time to write a few lines, here it comes.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Unics Kazan - Galatasaray Medical Park Istanbul

Unics Kazan Galatasaray pick
Galatasaray Medical Park is visiting Unics in Kazan for a crucial battle for their chances of qualification through Group L. A possible loss might not necessarily mean the end of the road for them;however, it does remove the control off their hands;therefore, they need to win this game possibly by eliminating the double average clause disadvantage as well.

BC Khimik - Tofas Bursa

BC Khimik Tofas pick
After a terrible week of Turkish Cup matches, finally the european cups are underway and we start with BC Khimki - Tofas game of Eurochallenge Group K. It is a crucial battle for either side because both of them only have one victory each. In the first match up between those teams, Tofas managed to defeat BC Khimik 93-90 in Bursa.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Banvit - Galatasaray Medical Park (Turkish Cup semi final)

Banvit Galatasaray Turkish cup pick
The second game of the semi finals will be played between Banvit Bandirma and Galatasaray Medical Park. Banvit comfortably defeated Hacettepe University two days ago while Galatasaray Medical Park managed to beat Anadolu Efes in a highly competitive game yesterday.

Besiktas - Fenerbahce Ulker ( Turkish Cup semi final )

 In the third day of Turkish Cup finals, the first game of the semi finals are scheduled between Besiktas and Fenerbahce. Besides this match up, those sides will face each other once in the remaining part of the domestic league and twice in Euroleague. Fenerbahce Ulker defeated Besiktas 83-74 in the first half of the season.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Galatasaray - Anadolu Efes

Galatasaray Anadolu Efes pick
In the second day of Turkish cup finals, Anadolu Efes and Galatasaray Medical Park are challenging each other to reach to semi finals. In the first half of the league, Galatasaray Medical Park was hosted by Anadolu Efes where the visiting side comfortably won the game 73-83. Nevertheless, lots of things have changed since then;therefore, we have a very tight match up ahead of us.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Besiktas Istanbul - Casa Ted Kolejliler

Besiktas Ted Kolejliler turkish cup pick
This weekened, Turkish Basketball league is going to have a break. Instead, we'll be watching Turkish Basketball Cup games between 6th-10th of February. Today, the finals begin with a match up between Besiktas and Ted Kolejliler. Both teams lost their games last weekend and they are placed between 4th-8th seeds of the standings. In a potentialy exciting game, either side will try to make their way towards the semi final.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Anadolu Efes - Hacettepe University

Anadolu Efes Hacettepe University pick
Anadolu Efes is going to host Hacettepe University tonight at the last game of the weekend. Anadolu Efes defeated Unicaja Malaga last friday, achieving their 5th Euroleague victory in a row. Their morale is at highest level, so they hope to exploit it to beat visiting Hacettepe University on monday night.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Besiktas Istanbul - Pinar Karsiyaka

besiktas pinar karsiyaka pick
The game of the weekend is scheduled on Sunday afternoon between Besiktas and Pinar Karsiyaka in Istanbul. Two teams which are placed one below another in the standings will try to achieve a victory in a decisive match up. Last weekend, Pinar Karsiyaka enjoyed a win against Mersin Bsb. on the road, so did Besiktas which defeated Turk Telekom on the closedown game.

Statistics ( February 2013 )

You can download the excel sheet from here

Antalya Bsb. - Turk Telekom

Turk Telekom Antalya pick
What a crucial battle between these teams. Antalya Bsb. has only 3 victories so far in the league and they share the last 3 places with Hacettepe University and Olin Edirne. Turk Telekom has only one win ahead of them and losing this game could cost a lot to either side. Both teams will play to achieve one of the most important wins of the season for themselves.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Mersin Bsb - Tofas

Mersin Bsb Tofas pick
Mersin Bsb. and Tofas are going to challenge each other in the opening game of the weekend. After a required long road trip, Mersin Bsb. lost its first game at home against Pinar Karsiyaka last weekend. Tomorrow, they are going to try crushing Tofas which is a team not at the best shape to prevail strongly.

Recap of January 2013

Dear Ofeek readers,

Today is the beginning of February, so it's time to evaluate the picks and performance of january and to make analysis of it. Unlike the prior two months, we introduced variable stake while calculating our monthly statistics. In december, the number of picks were lower because european competitions did make a pause of 2 weeks before the beginning of TOP 16 stages. We ended January with 42 picks.(Remember, we assummed to present about 40 picks in the previous recap, so such a number is quite consistent)