Friday, January 11, 2013

Turk Telekom - Galatasaray Medical Park

Telekom Galatasaray pick
Galatasaray Medical Park which suffered a disappointing defeat against Unics Kazan only 2 days ago is visiting Turk Telekom in Ankara for the opening game of Turkish Basketball league's 15th match day. Last week, Turk Telekom's head coach Koray Es resigned from his duty, so Ankara team is going to face Galatasaray under the supervision of his assistant Tunc Girgin.

Galatasaray Medical Park lost an important match up against Kazan which definitely jeopardized their chance of qualification up to some extent. Next week, they'll visit Red Star in Belgrade, so another loss might mean the end of journey for them much earlier than expected. But before that, they need to face Turk Telekom on saturday afternoon to maintain their competitiveness in the domestic league.

Recently, Turk Telekom coach left his duty. Although the reason why he quit is unknown, it isn't totally wrong to assume it it may be due to the poor performance and results achieved in the league. In fact, Turk Telekom, in another home game, lost its match up against Mersin Bsb. This year, they lost a lot of games particularly at home, so things haven't been as well as they hoped so far in the league.

Although, it isn't so easy to estimate in what way the change of coach would affect Turk Telekom, we do know one thing for sure that coach Ergin Ataman must have been very pissed off after the loss against Unics Kazan. In fact, he was so angry in the final minutes of this game that he was caught on a tape yelling to his players during a timeout.

Usually, he is known with his serious punishment measures he doesn't hesitate to take after defeats, so I'm pretty sure that Galatasaray Medical Park players will be extra motivated for this match. Turk Telekom is pretty inconsistent team whose records are totally based on their offensive performance. They have been formerly lack of proper offensive sets, so they tried to create scoring based on individual shooting performance.

Normally, I'm reluctant to take handicaps with double digits, but due to the circumstances explained above, I'm confident to take some risks here. Euroleague games didn't bring us much fortune, so we need to recover from those losses somewhere. I think that's the game to realize that. Coach Ergin Ataman is supposed to work Turk Telekom into the ground in this game. Although the full time spread seems to be quite high, Anadolu Efes, Ted Kolejliler and Fenerbahce Ulker easily covered it against Turk Telekom before.So, there is no reason why Galatasaray Medical Park can't do it either.

Pick: Galatasaray Medical Park First Quarter -4.5 @ 1.88

Pick: Galatasaray Medical Park Half Time -7.5 @ 1.88

Pick Galatasaray Medical Park Full Time -13.0 @ 1.88

Good luck and happy betting!

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    First quarter WON

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