Monday, January 7, 2013

Ted Kolejliler - Besiktas

Ted Besiktas pick

The game is scheduled to start in 2 hours. Since, there isn't so much time left, I'll keep this pick shorter. Ted Kolejliler's forward Vanja Plisnic didn't play last week, so his last condition is unkown. I couldn't find any good information to see whether or not he would play today. Similary, Besiktas center Gasper Vidmar sprained his ankle last week during a training session. He didn't play against Olympiakos even tough he was on the bench with the team. No concrete news is available whether or not he plays today.(In my opinion, he probably plays, but no official confirmation is found)

One other remarkable point is the recent mentality of Besiktas head coach Erman Kunter. Given the limitations of his rotation, he decides his starting line up as well as tactical strategy game by game. Last week when Besiktas defeated Erdemir, he utilized 10 players by giving at least 10 minutes to each of them. Last friday, he again adjusted his line up from run&gun tempo to more like a backcourt offense. Since, Besiktas is exhausted enough, I expect him again to utilize as many players as possible to overcome fatigue issues. He must have had a lesson from Anadolu Efes' defeat against Ted, too. I think it would be a suicide if he tried to keep up with the tempo with Ted Kolejliler.

The game total raised form 156.5 to 159.5 already. Unlike the common trend, i think, game total under gained great value here. Ted Kolejliler has great frontcourt players, so they are very likely to force Besiktas in the low post rather than risking outside scoring. This is another fact why the game total might lean towards under. With or without Vidmar, I count on the rotation mentality of coach Erman Kunter to ground this choice.

Pick: Total Under 159.5 @ 1.88

Edit at (16:35 CET) : Those bookies must be shitting with us.

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Pick: Ted Kolejliler +7 @ 1.88

Good luck and Happy betting!

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