Friday, January 4, 2013

Olin Edirne - Tofas

Olin Edirne Tofas pick
If anyone would ask me to name 3 worst teams of the league, Olin Edirne came into my mind right after Hacettepe University and Antalya Bsb. In fact, there is a significant difference between Olin Edirne and those teams which is the existence of community. In fact, Olin Edirne has remarkable support behind the team when they play at home. That's the reason why I wish they should be prevailing in the league this season.

Olin Edirne indeed has had a terrible streak recently. They lost 4 games in a row and there is certainly some internal problem between head coach and general management which we are unable to know in a greater extent. One thing publicly revealed was the problem between point guard Mehmet Yagmur and head coach Gökhan Tastimur. Mehmet Yagmur was claimed to have made transfer negotiations with Galatasaray Medical Park and the general management stated that they have no intentions of letting him go. He was excluded from the squad in the beginning of the season for a couple of weeks, too. So, there has been a smoke for quite a long time, so  what happens isn't of any suprise to me.

Last week, I had the chance to watch Pinar Karsiyaka Olin Edirne game by naked eye and the unhappiness of Mehmet Yagmur was obvious. Mehmet Yagmur was barely utilized by Gokhan Tastimur at the first half of the game. He wouldn't have let him play in the second half either, if he hadn't had other players with serious foul trouble. This week, he  was announced to leave the team. So, Olin Edirne lost its leading scorer which seems to be a big handicap for them.

Nevertheless, Olin Edirne didn't seem to miss him a lot last week. As far as I'm concerned, he only scored 8 points whereas Olin Edirne, despite being defeated, managed to score 70 points against Pinar Karsiyaka on the road. It is a remarkable performance since none of Banvit, Gatasaray Medical Park or Fenerbahce Ulker managed to achieve it in Karsiyaka Arena this year. I must admit, What i saw was the worst Pinar Karsiyaka team this year, but still this fact doesn't devalorize the offensive performance of Olin Edirne.

This saturday, Olin Edirne is going to play one of the most crucial games of this season. It is loudly speculated that in an event of a defeat, head coach Gokhan Tastimur might be sacked. Visiting Tofas hosted Anadolu Efes last week and they seemed to have still infected by the same sickness, the second half sickness. Although they managed to keep the score under control for the first 2 quarters, they are heavily defeated by Anadolu Efes. Tofas has a lot of  young players, so this problem could be acknowledged up to some extent.

Tofas has strong players namely Chinemelu Elonu and Tomislav Ruzic in the paint. Olin Edirne has only Artem Parakhouski to match them, so Tofas is very likely to dominate Olin Edirne in the paint. But who said Olin Edirne needs to neutralize them properly ? In home games, Olin Edirne's offensive initiative is based on perimeter shooting. Chris Tapoutos and David Jelinek seemed in shape against Pinar Karsiyaka. Olin Edirne also have veteran Bekir Yarangume and Branislav Ratkovica to reinforce them if needed. All in all, Olin Edirne is badly in need of a victory, so in this tight match up, I think with the support of their home crowd, they are capable to take advantage of Tofas' third quarter syndrome. Olin Edirne win with medium stakes is worth to try.

Pick: Olin Edirne ML @ 2.20

Good luck and happy betting!

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